Thursday, 26 April 2007

Gifted, Happy and Wonderful Children


Petrol prices and Mortgage rates going up BLOODY HELL!! What is wrong with this country.... it is going to be harder and harder for first home owners to ever afford a home and then they want everyone to stay at home as well because it is too expensive to drive anywhere too.

Today has been a really relaxing one.... took the boys to school and got roped in to doing Quinns class spelling testing and that was an eye opener for me because I had known that for a week Quinn had words to practice (geesh did I feel like a slack mum) but he managed to get 2 right and we didn't even practice so I felt quite proud really.

Got home at morning tea and then shut myself in to my study to work on another wedding invite and boy it took me a long time to do... I forgot to save geeshhhh and then my computer crashed GEESSHHHH. But it was good to be able to get some time without being bothered to do what I needed to do.

I had my heater on in the study because OMG it was like sooo cold today.

Tonight I am going to work on the wedding invites that I have to get done and so that is going to be cool to finally see a wedding getting started instead of doing all the thinking and planning... woohooo.

Had sushi for lunch again today yum yum yum and then once I finished that I met two other mums for a coffee and tried to work out what day and time we are going to meet as our lives have changed a bit in the last month since meeting up and holidays etc so it is going to be Thursday afternoons from now on (just before school gets out).

One of the ladies was saying that she is off in June for 5 weeks in Italy with her family and the 16 year old girl from next door (as she babysits the kids ) OMG I wish it was me going he he he. They are going first class etc... they own a business and put everything through their Visa etc so it gets them air points and that is how they paid for the tickets and then paid a little extra to be in first class... Oh I wish I was that rich!!! I wish that we could go on holidays like that but I cannot see it in the forseable future because we just don't save ho hum.

Picked up the boys and came back and did the homework and then hubby and I were off to parent interviews..

OMG I am sooo proud of my boys.... Corbin's teacher just thinks he is the bees knees and she said she has never met a boy like him and how he comes up with the most amazing facts and that he is such a sponge and she loves teaching him and has made sure she pushes him and she said (quite funny how she said it... it was sort of casual like) oh and btw he is in the gate program and I said "what is the gate program" she said he is officially been tested and he is a gifted child. I said "you are joking" and she said "NO he is a brilliant and clever little boy" now I was only thinking mothers thought this and I thought he was brilliant but now I have been told he has been tested as brilliant... woohoo for him.

I am glad that she pushes him because he is like his Dad in the fact that he is bright but doesn't push themselves and he just does what he is told but what get out of his square and she said she wasn't going to let him do that.

So we got out of there being very very very proud children.

Then we went to Quinn's room and he got a glowing report too and when he first started he was tested and it was normal but then this week he was tested and he had improved in a HUGE way and she was really happy with his progress... Quinn's teacher doesn't speak much but she is happy with his progress. Quinn is in the middle of his class ( just like I was he he he) and she said he is a pleasure to teach. She had only great things to say about him and so I was happy about that.

I got out and went to the car with hubby and cried... I know I know but I was sooo proud of my boys but then I was upset with myself because I didn't try as hard with Quinn (being the second child and I didn't have the one on one time with him) and I know that he could be just like Corbin and be top of the class if I didn't push him aside and if I worked harder with him he would be...

I don't want to sound unhappy but I look back at how I didn't put as much time and I don't want him to be disadvantaged just because I was too lazy to spend the same time. I was always average at school and my parents left school at 13 so they didn't know much about anything that I was learning. I don't want them to be disadvantaged... I want them to be anything they want even if it is a checkout operator or a mechanic or a policeman or a doctor... I want them to have as much of advantage to be anything that they wish to be to make their lifes happy...

So I am going to try to make them think more from now on and not just take yes and no and say "why do you think that' or "how did you come to that conclusion" etc.

I don't want to push them... I just want to make sure that they don't feel like I have not put enough time with them... does that make sense.

I love my boys and want them to be well rounded.

So anyway...

Food has been ok today... not wonderful and I haven't had my water because I got caught up in everything else and didn't actually think about getting a bottle of water GRRRRR naughty me.


Breakfast: 2 Toast
Lunch: Pork Chop (left over from other night don't want to waste it he he) and Toast
Dinner: Chicken, salad, veges
Snack: Small packet of chippies


Felicity said...

awesome effort your boys are great kids I am honoured to have met them well done you guys

Kate said...

Woohooo, no wonder you are proud! :-)

Lee-Anne said...

I think you are a wonderful mum and you should stop right now thinking you're not giving them enough time. Look at them - they are happy bubbly boys. You put in an awful lot of time with them and its quality time. Remember that.

Looking forward to tonight. My bags are packed and I'm ready to go. See ya soon

Chris H said...

You should be proud of them! They are lovely cute clever wee boys, and that's all there is to it! Have a wonderful weekend.

Lyn said...

You have 2 beautiful children and there is no need to feel like you haven't given enough to them. I could tell when you came to visit me briefly that they adore you, and that's proof in itself!!

celtic_girl said...

You should be proud of your boys, they are a product of you and your hubby, in everything. They look like great kids.

Have a great weekend.

Wanna_B_slim said...

You obviously have 2 very clever children.. dont beat yourself up.. the second child never gets the attention that the first has been given!!

Livy said...

You sound like a bit of a worry wart like me! I am 31, and we are no closer to owning our own home, than flying to the moon! However, we have a good life, I bought my first ever 4WD at the beginning of the year, and I am just so happy I don't have to bump over these bad roads in a town car.
You sound like a very well balanced, happy, kind person, and your boys will be a reflection of that, regardless of how much money you have!