Saturday, 14 April 2007

Looking for a new laptop

Woke up at 9.30am but didn't get out of bed till 12.00 because I had a huge headache and I am constipated (ewww I know you didn't want to know that). The doctor said that if I took the pain killers it would make me constipated and grrrr now I know it!!!

Had prunes and lots of water but not shifting and it is sooo hard to sit with constipation OMG OMG if it isn't one thing it is another.

So anyway after I got myself up we went out looking for a new laptop as this one is sooo slow that it takes like 20 minutes before it starts so hubby and I thought if I am going to do Papaya then I am going to have to have something that can handle the work...

Hubby wanted to go and get it but I decided that I wanted to be GST registered before getting the laptop or if I do start making money I wouldn't be able to claim a thing and I want to be able claim ya know??? But I don't know too much about GST to know.

Had a coffee with Delwyn (from Lean group) tonight at her place it was nice catching up.. she just came back from Samoa and so we are going to the gym with her tomorrow morning... it has been so long since going to the gym with Delwyn and I am looking forward to it even if I am limited to what I can go on, but damn it I am going to get back in shape.

Food today:

Breakfast: Egg, Toast
Lunch: Nothing as I had my breakfast late
Dinner: Roast Beef (leftover), Cauliflour, Carrots, Courgettes, Potatoe, Beans
Snacks: 4 Ryvita with Tomato, coffee
Water: 3 Bottles

Postive Thing that happened today: Delwyn texted to catch up and ask how I was.. I am thankful for friends today.


celtic_girl said...

Do your painkillers have alot of codeine in them? If so they can cause rebound headaches (as well as the contipation). I can't have too much of these type of pain relief due to the headache's. It's awful - I know.

Chris H said...

Yikes, know all about constipation... had it something awful after my tummy tuck operation.... not nice at all. ooOO looking for a new computer! I think waiting till you are GST registered is a good idea, but that doesn't mean you can't go looking! Hope you are feeling a bit better today.