Sunday, 22 April 2007

What a day!!

How beautiful was the weather today here!! OMG it wasn't hot or anything but it was sunny a beautiful and not windy or anything.

Woke up at 9 and had a shower and then just played with my new laptop for an hour and then the hubby, kids and I went to the Lake to walk around and have an icecream and the boys wanted to play at the playground.

I decided to take the camera because it was just beautiful and I wanted to show everyone how lovely it was... So we walked 4km today and I am sooooo happy with that. It wasn't fast but I wasn't on my backside at home watching tv (which is what I wanted to do because I had such a busy day yesterday ya know).

When we got home a little while later and hubby's mum came around and wanted to take us (and my mum) out for afternoon tea so we went out to Woodlands in Gordonton... OOOHHHHH it is soooo pretty out there... I can understand why there are so many weddings at the function centre... the photos would be fantastic there. So we had a coffee and a piece of cake (yes a piece of cake but I don't care because ALL in moderation is what I am trying to do now)

We took so many photos and everyone just had a really good time. The day went so fast and the kids were just playing on the field with soccer balls etc and having fun. It was fantastic!!!!

The boys found a tree stump and climbed on the top and starting dancing with their backsides he he he so I took a photo without them knowing.

Below is my mum... she is 76 this year. I reckon she looks fab for 76.

Food Today:

2 Toast, left over Macaroni
Lunch: Small tub of icecream (I know that I am eratic about my food but I didn't feel like lunch and I had this after our walk around the lake).

Corn and Corned Beef homemade fritters
Water: 1 Bottle (I am slacking totally on the water front grrrr).
Exercise: 4km walk around the lake.

I have been trying my hardest to go with the flow with my food lately. I haven't been totally wonderful with the actual food but I thought for my first week on the challenge I would work out the hunger pang thing and not eat when I don't want to. I think that is why in the weekend I haven't been wanting to have lunch because I have been feeling so full... so I thought well if I don't want food why do I have to eat? Isn't eating supposed to happen so that we can survive and make sure we don't starve? Well that is what I am doing!! This has to work doesn't it... and if it doesn't then next week I can go back to what I was doing before.

I just want to work out what is right for me at the moment.

Love ya everyone


Jules said...

What a day alright!! Sounds like a heap of fun. Great photos, love the ones of the kids on the stump. Shaking their butts like Mum I bet!

Helena said...

look at your gorgeous dimples - you are one hot mumma :)

Anne said...

The photos are great. Those boys of yours are just so cute. Love the one of them dancing.

Bit of confusion maybe re your comment on my entry - Rachel is not Rachel the blogger - I also have a daughter Rachel.

Chris H said...

I feel homesick, that big tree by the lake, I used to walk past it every morning walking the dog, before I went to work .... I just love the photos chick, and the one of you and the boys is just gorgeous... you have such a gorgeous face.... and the body is catching up too!

Kate said...

Lovely photos, sounds like such a nice day. Your boys are just gorgeous! I love the colour of Corbin's hair - it's such a rich colour with so much depth, lovely :-)

celtic_girl said...

Nice photo's looks such a peaceful place.

Lyn said...

I'm biased but I think Hamilton is almost the most beautiful place ... besides Waihi Beach that is lol.

You are a really great photographer!! Very impressive!

Tully said...

Hi chubbymum, thnaks for giving me access to your blog. You have such a beautiful family! I can't wait to go back and read your archives, you have already achieved so much- Congratulations!