Thursday, 12 April 2007

Headache day!!!

Woke up with such a headache this morning.... hubby thinks it is the pain killers that doctor gave me. I felt better with my back a little this morning so all the poking and prodding on my back from physio last night did something I suppose... it feels like I have a bruise on my side of my butt though he he he.

Been good with food today... not been overly wonderful but been good.

They have a holiday program at the gym today so I booked the boys in for the 2 hours and they have soooo much fun making friends etc and I have two hours to have to myself. So I took mum shopping and I brought the NZ Wedding Magazine so I can look at it and work out what sort of ad I want to put in for Papaya Invites.

I also went looking in the book stores for Helena's bible but they didn't sell them..... it looks like I will have to revert to buying it online... (which I hate because you always pay more ho hum).

Took the wine bottle to work to Carol who got me to make it for her daughters 21'st and I am kicking myself because I didn't take a photo of it.... but I got there and the others saw it and now I have to do one for a 30th one for a 75th and the lady that I am doing the wedding invites for wants me to do some for the tables at the wedding he he he so I got so many orders from it... and I had one from last week for her hubby for his business too (something about winning something hmmm not too sure yet).

I think this business is going to take off!! At least I hope it will.

Next thing I have to do is organise the website and then put an ad in the New Zealand Bridal Magazine.... thanks Lyn.

Got the kids and got them subway and I went and got sushi hmmmm sushi for lunch.

Had to take Corbin to the doctor today as he had an infection on his knee and it has gotten infected (Janene I think it like the boil you have and I have had) So he got antibiotics and while we were waiting in the waiting room a man about 80 years old came up to me and said "you have a well mannered son you should be proud" Wow... tingles came all over me what a nice thing to say... he said that the kids that just left were rude to their mum and needed a quick swift smack. I said Thank you my son is a really good boy and Corbin blushed.

The weather has turned to crap this afternoon... this morning it was beautiful and the sun was shining but this afternoon it has gotten really dark and rainy so the boys asked to have a DVD and we got Ant Bully and it is soooo good and the boys just love it. I brought some other DVDs too for the grown ups he he he... I like murder mysteries so I got some for tonight and also Blackadder (2) because we have Blackadder (1) and I would like to see more... Rowen atkinson is a darling isn't he.

Feeling more positive today... got my first PT in three weeks with Joy tomorrow and it is going to be interesting to see what she does with me... I can't do the cross trainer, bike or rower GRRRRRRRRRRRR so we shall see how she can get me back in to shape aye.

I miss Joy but she still keeps in contact and has been texting me to see how things are going so that is great.

My rings on my fingers are getting too big for me now.. I am a little scared to wear my wedding rings because it feels like I am losing weight in my fingers... nowhere else though he hehe but my fingers go figure.

I looked at the scales this morning and I am down wohoooooo. On Tuesday night I was disgusted with myself because even though I couldn't get to WW I could weigh at home and it said 124.4 OMG I was screaming with anger (take off 800 grams and it is the WW scales weight) so that is 123.6 GRRRR which means I had gained 2.7 kilos grrrr I hate that I can't do exercise... but this morning I weighed myself and I was 122.1 (WW 121.3 so that is only a gain of 400 grams... so I have to work my backside off this week to make sure I get to the teens...

So if I am going to get to 119.7 (WW scales) I have to be 120.5 (at home) so 1.6 kilos has to come off this week!!! I am going to achieve this!!! I am making sure that my meals are smaller than normal because of not doing the exercise so it has to happen!!

I know all these figures but it will keep me focussed. I have to get this weight off!! I am not giving up just beeen in a slump over the fact I can't do the exercise I usually do.

I cannot wait to get the Leenie Bible from the library because it will get me more focussed!!!

Anyway good night everyone... I am SOOOOOOOOOO loving the comments and people that care about me... I do appreciate it

I don't know if you have noticed but I have a 10 week challenge on my side bar.

I am going to do a 10 week challenge to lose 500 grams a week for 10 weeks and get to 115.7 kilos.

I am tired of not getting there!!! So this is going to keep me focussed.

My prize at the end is a WHOLE NEW OUTFIT.... As I NEED clothes

Love Chubbymum

Food today:

Breakfast: Homemade Banana pancakes (3 small)

Lunch: Sushi and Coffee Frappe (made with water and no cream on top)
Dinner: Chicken, carrots, peas, salad
Water: 2 bottles so far


Chris H said...

Aww Corbin blushed! That's real cute. Hope he comes right with the antibiotics. Fingers crossed for a great result at weigh in this week for you. Thanks for the texts sweetie.

Helena said...

Oooh I've got a deal for you buddy, I'm gunna send you an email and tell you ALLLLLLLLLL about it :D

Whoever I want to be said...

Good idea about the challenge..... hope you start feeling better soon.


Janene said...

Hey CM, you'll be in the 1-teens in no time flat, I'm sure of it... your attitude is just great, despite being in so much pain with your back. I bet that a couple of years ago something like this would have been an excuse to give up all together!!

Good work on your invites business, I'm sure that you'll get heaps of work if you advertise in the bridal mag, hopefully not so much that you can't keep up! hehehe


Anne said...

Thanks for the offer of joining you on the 10 week challenge, however I think it would be a miracle for me to aim for 500 grams a week but will look at setting a challenge of some sort.

Felicity said...

Darling u r doing so great I have every confidence you will have that new outfit.
Well done on your bizz sounds so positive
And yup I agree with the man in the doc...your boys are well mannered and very pleasant lads u be proud gal.