Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Today is Anzac day... I cannot say it affects me too much but not that I don't care just that I haven't had anyone in my family that went through it.

So we had a day off work today and it was quite a family day. We got up at about 8am and went downstairs and had a family breakfast. It was nice to all sit down and have breakfast together because usually I am off as soon as finishing breakfast and my youngest is just getting up and the oldest has breakfast before I get down during the week.

Went and had a shower and then all of us went for a walk so I could get sushi for lunch it was a great walk and the weather was beautiful we all had a great time. When we got back I had my sushi and the others had tuna sandwiches.

We went to the building depot today to get stuff for my Wedding expo stall so that is going to be interesting getting it all together. I didn't spend too much so that is a bonus as well.

Got home and fixed up the study so that tomorrow I can sit and start a wedding that has booked.

It was then a the time to go down to the soccer field to go to Corbin's soccer practice. What a difference this year with the practices and the coach is doing so much better and not doing so much running and pressups and trying more with the techniques. I enjoyed watching how interested they were in the practice today and not getting frustrated with the coach making them do push ups ya know.

I am just rambling today.... I weighed myself today at home grrrrrr (and as usual the day after WW weigh in I am lighter grrrrr). I was 121.1 (at WW it would be 120.3 grrrrr does that not rip your nighty... I know it does mine he he).

I must say OMG I feel skinny today. I woke up feeling lighter and I feel slimmer and loved looking at myself in the mirror. I know that I haven't lost that much but OMG I felt great today. So I am going to take that as much as I can!!!

Hubby's mum went to soccer today to watch the practice and then came back for dinner and then we played Monopoly with the kids it was great.... now glad that the boys are in bed and I can relax.

Anyway not sure what else to say tonight so I am going to go.

Love ya all.


Abba said...

Congratulations on your loss. Thanks for the kind words. I know I shall see a loss next week. Have a super weekend.

Tania said...

Sounds like a great day! It puts you on such a higher when you have one of those slimmer days doesn't it?