Sunday, 8 April 2007


Hi Everyone

I am at Bowentown camp and just loving it. I must say I am a little tired of my back and it has gotten much better since the middle of last week that is for sure.

Well Wednesday night I was in so much pain that I booked in for the doctor this morning. She ended up sending me for a blood test as she thought maybe I could have had a blood clot so I was terrified for an hour and she said that I would have to stay in Hamilton because if the blood test came back positive then I would have to go and have a scan or something and I said well I would be just coming back because I was going on this holiday.

I got a phone call on my cellphone to say that it was Negative woohoooo so I am glad we took off for the holiday anyway.

It was great after getting the negative results and we stopped at Karangahake Gorge and walked across the bridges and took photos and had some fun with the boys. I enjoyed it a lot.

We got to the Waihi township and I went in to a tiny $2 shop and got spades and buckets and they were the best investment for this holiday that is for sure.

We went down to the beach with my kids and Tania's kids that afternoon and spent time getting wet and sandy and it was a blast and all the kids just get on so well. Tania didn't come down she just wanted to sit around reading so she missed out on her kids having fun... but then she turned up and all she could do was shout at her kids to get out of the water and stop getting so dirty that I turned to her and said go back to the camp ground and I will tidy them up as they are kids and need to have some fun.

I am liking having the two families together but want to shake Tania because her kids can't be kept in cotton wool all their lives or it is just not fair.

So needless to say hubby and I had 5 kids this weekend and not 2 he he he but we got shells and walked along the beach and it was good.

Tania and her mum argue more than me and my mum do and I have a little bit of a headache and last night (Saturday night) I said "For christ sake stop it... Stop bitching at each other.

Tania has gained about 20 kilos back in the last year and I have been trying to get her to get off her backside and get out with me this whole time. I am a little afraid that she is using her ankle as an excuse because she doesn't want to get up at all when we are at home either and I don't want my friend going back to her size she was before... but I need to say it in a nice way.. how do I do that?

We went out line fishing last night and ended up catching some fish and a sting ray and I took a photo of it. Soooo coool.

I met Lyn and she is JUST FABULOUS what a darling she is and I felt really comfortable talking to her. She is so easy to talk to and so nice. I hope that we meet again that is for sure. I also took a photo and I will attach it when I get back off holiday.

I think I have been good with food while we have been away. I have had a hollow easter egg though he he he and totally enjoyed it for the diet starts on Monday he he

We have booked the camp ground again for next year for Easter so I get to meet Lyn again next year he he he.

Thinking about seeing if there are any spaces for January next year too and get out with the kids... but we shall see.

It has been nice coming out with another family and I do adore Tania and her family and we have been playing cards and games too and it has been an experience.

Anyway better go back and cook dinner now and catch up on my book he he he for tomorrow we go home.

Miss reading your blogs and I will update properly when I get back. Love ya all.

I will attach photos when I get back too.

Love ya


Chris H said...

So glad you are having a wonderful holiday... sounds like the kids are really lucky too. Don't say anything to Tania about her weight mate, she must KNOW she has gained, and you telling her whatever will just get her back up or upset her.... she will get back into it when she is good and ready, and not a moment sooner. While your intentions are good, she will not necessarily see it that way. Continue to support her any way you can, just don't "rub it in" so to speak... she does know! You would if you'd gained 20 friggin kilos eh?

Wanna_B_slim said...

Hey there CM... Thanks for allowing me to come and join you on your journey...
I will read up and catch up soon.. Just got home from a break away roughing it... phew.. tired and dirty but just had to comeo online and see what had been happening... sad I know.. haha
Hope you had an awesome easter..

celtic_girl said...

Glad your blood test came back negative and you were abel to enjoy your camping.

Lyn said...

Thankyou for your sweet comments, but right back atcha chickey!!!

I totally agree with Chris on what to say to Tania. Only she can decide when the time is right to lose weight again. And the more you say the more she will decide not to ... just because. Just be there to support her when she does decide to. And even if she never decides to, just be her friend, that's what she needs most is your friendship not advice.

Loved meeting you, will have to do it again!

Leighanne said...

Sounds like you are having a great time away:)

Helena said...

Yay you are back on blogger! I misshed ya :p I hear everything you are saying about the weightloss thing - at the end of last year I was where you are at now. I kept using my excessive exercise to eat like a pig ... ok maybe thats a bit harsh, but I started using exercise to work off my indescretions, then I started skipping weigh-ins because I felt bad and didnt want a big fat gain in my record book. Then I realised WW while it has done what it needed to do, was no longer right for me. It was too mainstream, I needed some one on one direction and the rest so to speak is history. It's bloody hard finding what is the best thing for you, at the moment I truely believe in metabolic typing diet - you are right it goes against everything that should be "right" for us, but thats exactly the point - we are all different and our bodies process stuff different. I cant eat too much starchy carbs (bread, spuds, rice, pasta etc) it bloats me and I gain weight. But I can eat cream, normal milk, nuts - oh god cashews are my favourite!, the pork fat on my chops and it seems to be ok ... it seems weird but its working for ME. So please dont discount these things - low fat maybe all good and fine but if your body cant process sugar (carbs) then it aint gunna work. Take the plunge and start testing how foods make you feel.

We should eat to live, not live to eat DAMN IT!