Sunday, 3 December 2006


Thursday Night

What a miserable day weather wise it was wet and horrible but went out and got wrapping paper etc for Xmas.

Met Debbie at the gym to have our first joint PT with Crusher and she punished us like you wouldn't believe. She worked us harder than she has ever done before.

We did:
  1. 10 minutes on the bike going up and down the levels each minute
  2. Kickboxing with her while other one was on the ground with the medicine ball going from side to side and OMG my abs were soooo sore as we did it like 5 times with swapping from the kickboxing to medicine ball abs argghhhh.
  3. Treadmill with incline to 4 and run one minute walk and putting the revs up too arghh but I was sweating like you wouldn't believe.
  4. One of us on the rower 500 mtrs - 1st 200 metres fast as and 100 metres slow as we wanted then 200 metres fast as while the other one was on the side doing sit ups for the 200 metres fast and bridge for the 100 metres fast and then sit ups to finish off OMG OMG
  5. Water bike for 15 minutes and she put up the intensity every minute then down for a minute then up and my arms were burning by the end of it.
  6. Then back on the bike for 10 minutes before doing our stretches.

I know on paper it doesn't mean a lot but it was sooooooo hard and I sweated like no bodies business.

What a beautiful day it was here today. I got up at 5.30am to be at the gym with Crusher at 6am and had an amazing workout and she worked my butt off. It has been soooo much better than Lean in the fact that I have sweated my backside off. I changed my 9am appointment with Crusher to the 6am as Quinn's class of mums decided to get together for a coffee after taking the kids to school so I wanted to go he he he and there was about 9 of us that turned up. It was really nice and relaxing. I walked the boys to school and walked home from the coffee and then went Xmas shopping for little things for xmas (even though all my shopping is finished) and then walked down to the school to pick up the boys.. it was sooo nice to just go for the walk and it didn't have to be exercise but just to get out into the nice weather.

I didn't have my pedometer on for the PT with Crusher but I managed 8061 steps with the other walking for the day so I was pretty pleased with myself.

Got up early and did the grocery shopping.

When we got back from grocery shopping we went for a bike ride with the boys to the library to take back some books and get some more and had an icecream... the wind was in our way the whole way back and the boys were sooo tired woohooo meant they would go to bed really well.

Got home and got ready for my work Xmas function.

We had a fabulous night. I must say it wasn't as good as the gym Xmas party but it was on par. The food sucked (which in a way was fantastic as then I didn't eat too much he he he). We danced the night away again and my top at the front was soaking wet he he he.

I got home around 12.40 after dropping Debbie off... with sore knees argghhh

Got up early because we were taking hubby's Dad our Skeet Shooting because we said back in June for his 60th birthday present we would take him but the weather and his Dad's schedule didn't match he he he.

We did it today woohooo and I was one of them doing it. Corbin and Quinn had a little go with a 22 with a sight on it to hit one of the balloons on strings and so did some of the other kids that were there. It was all controlled and the boys had some fun... they only had one shot each but it was enough to make them smile.

I wasn't going to have a go but I did and so did hubby's stepmother too we were chuffed.

The idea of the game was that everyone had a go and if you hit a balloon you got to have another go until there was no one left. I got a balloon with my first shot woohoooo (and it was a windy day too). Hubby's Stepmother got her first and so did hubby and his brother and his dad woohooo but we all missed our second except for hubby's dad and he came second and this was our first time he he he

Then after lunch we had a go with the rifles and the skeets... OMG I was soooo nervous and my first shot I hit the skeet WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I missed the second because I think I was shaking too much and my shoulder was a little sore as the gun has a huge kick back. But I got my third skeet and split it woohooo. I only had 5 turns as I just wanted to try it but not exactly do a lot he he.

I had a great day and was glad it was another thing under my belt for this year. Sometimes it isn't how much you lose but how much it changes your life for the better.
As you can see below these are the balloons that we had
to hit and they were a long way away too but I did it I got one woohooo.
So here I am with the 22 and the sight shaking like you wouldn't believe
because I had about 10 people behind me watching and I had
never shot a gun before.. I really enjoyed it though.
Below is Granddad and Corbin looking at the broken skeets and bullet shells
and Granddad was explaining them to Corbin and also going through all the safety stuff
to make sure he knows it is not a game and to be careful etc.

Here is hubby looking like a real pro woohoo

Can you see the joy in my face OMG I actually hit my fit skeet but OMG OMG my shoulders felt like someone had hit me with a hammer he he he that is why I am holding my shoulder... But I hit my first skeet on my first try woohoooo.

Can you see my skeet up in the right hand corner.... I got it but hubby didn't take the photo at the right time he he he he but I got it. They are bright orange like the guys jacket.

All in all I had the most fabulous day and learnt something else that I wouldn't have done a year ago. That is 7 things I have achieved this year. Roll on next year and some more challenges. Debbie and I want to do some Kayaking next Christmas so I am going to be building up for that next year.

Good night everyone

Love Chubbymum


Kate said...

I love how you get out there and do all these fun things!! I look up to you in this way :-)

celtic_girl said...

The comment you wrote "It's not about how much you lose, but how much it has changed your life" has hit a chord with me. It is so true and I will use it in the future. I,like Kate love your jest for life and your give it a go attitude.

celtic_girl said...

Oops ! Fat finger syndrome has struck again. That's suppossed to say zest not jest.:)