Sunday, 10 December 2006

Scrapbooking Fever

I have got digital scrapbooking fever and made a couple more

Went for a walk this morning at 11am with Debbie around the lake which is 4km and we took my boys on their scooters. It was soo much fun and there were santas running around the lake in santa suits... as a fundraiser... it was soo funny.

It was a good hour we went for a walk and the boys enjoyed it too. We went to the playground afterwards so the kids could play and Corbin saw a school friend of his so he enjoyed that a lot. We went and got the boys an ice cream afterwards.

I got home and did some more digital scrapbooking while hubby took the boys to the Christmas parade. I didn't go because it was too hot and I hate being in a crowd that big it makes me nervous so it gave me a chance to have some time to myself.

We are watching James Bond movies now he he he as a friend of hubby's loaned it to us over Xmas as I am a Total fan.

Weekend was a full on one.. hope everyone is having a great time.



Leighanne said...

Your pages look great...I have not scrapped in ages, I should really get back into it as I have heaps of photo's piling up!!

Hope you had a great weekend:)

Rachel said...

Hi honey,

Sorry I haven't left any messages lately but blogger hasn't let me (dunno what that's about??).

I love your digital are so clever!
My favourite is the Superhero one with the boys....gorgeous.

Did you know that your journal isn't passworded anymore. I clicked on your link and it let me straight in????

Helena said...

you are so cool *smooch*

celtic_girl said...

Love the scrapbook pages. Looks like a mean lemon meringue pie (my favourite) and your boys are such cuties.:)