Saturday, 9 December 2006


I know I have been missing in action lately but I still feel weird writing in here and if I would offend anyone.. I am sorry for that. I know I have things sorted with Sgt Major now as I talked to him on Friday and said what I thought and so did he. He said that it got out of control and it wasn't what he wanted to happen but was worried that if anyone read my blog that lived in my town then it would ruin his business and I can understand that. He also understood why I thought that he wasn't right for me and I said but that didn't mean he wasn't a nice guy just that he wasn't the right trainer for me.. so I feel so happy about that getting sorted now.

Today we put up the xmas decorations in the lounge and the boys playroom one will get done when they get home after being with their Nana Chris for the afternoon.

I have been getting in to my Digital Scrapbooking again and feeling quite creative... the only problem with me is that I am a perfectionist and sometimes it can take me days to finish a layout because I am sooo fussy he he he but if you want to check the latest one out it is here and I am determined to do one a week like Kate because I feel it is important to do and I just have to stop being so particular and get on with it and if I do more than one a week then that is good too.

OMG Kate you just start things he he he he and get me juices going on the crafts again.. my hubby is going to kick ya backside he he he because it take time away from him ha ha ha.

A friend that moved down to Hokitika January 2006 is coming back to town to live and they were up this weekend... we had lunch yesterday and it was great to catch up. Now... this is the lady that when I first started used to say to people when she introduced me like pointing at me and then saying "this is where I used to be weight wise" OMG I used to get soooo pissed off with that (now this friend just sometimes doesn't think before saying something but doesn't mean things in a nasty way... ) She has a heart of gold really. She was the one that said to me "20 kilos in a year is too much you won't be able to do that" and I lost 20 kilos in 10 months to prove her wrong...

Two weeks ago I said to Crusher that she is coming back to town in January and I want to reach my 35 kilos before she gets back thinking that she has probably lost more weight well...... she phone on Thursday night to say she would be in town this weekend to sort out things for January and could we meet for lunch and so we did yesterday and OMG OMG she has like gained 20 kilos since being away and I just wanted to hug her and say "is everything alright" because she just looked sooo big and she was soooo good when she was in town that I was really worried about her.. but you know what I felt sooooo good because I am so so so smaller than her now that it makes me want to keep getting this weight off as I don't want to do what she has done and gain it all back.

We went out to dinner (Japanese) with my friend and the couple she is staying with here in town last night and we had such a good night. I actually had forgotten what fun I used to have when she was around and all the guys got along too and we had sake and wine and lots of food (not so that we were stuffed) and then went back to her friends place and played Who wants to be a Millionaire it was soooo much fun and got home about 1am and it felt good to get out without the kids and have some grown up time.

Anyway going to have dinner now... yummmy chilli con carne yayyyy


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Kate said...

I really like your new page!

With this 101 list and doing at least one page a week, I feel like it's given me the freedom to try new things in scrapbooking, and not be too scared of how it turns out. I used to only want to do pages about 'important' things, like birthdays etc, but now I'm branching out and just doing whatever I feel like.. like the cicada page - it's going to be cool to look back on!

p.s. one of these days I'm going to try and copy your page, the one of the old photo of you (haha, you look just the same now by they way~!!) I'll let you know when I've done it, and we can see how similar I get it on paper :-)