Tuesday, 12 December 2006

No longer blogging

I am no longer blogging.

I am not willing to have anyone use information against me in a nasty way again as they have ruined it for me.

Good luck on all your journey's... I wish you well.

If you want to contact me on chubbymum at yahoo .co .nz you are welcome to.

I will still be commenting though... so watch out he he he

Love ya all


tracy said...

Hi I have sent you an email but just wanted to record that it sux that one other person has ruined it for the rest of us. You have no idea what an inspiratin you have been over the last couple of years & that some jealous, insecure cow has taken that from us. I wish you all the best & hope we can keep min touch by email.

Spider63 said...

Good luck to you. Too bad you attracted a personal stalker. Considering all the sickos that show up on the internet, I guess that kind of thing is a major possibility for anyone.