Friday, 15 December 2006

I have decided to give up my diary for sure

I am giving up my blog!

I am giving up because I got the most nastiest email from Kris today and I will put a little of what she said and that is going to be it!

I have had enough of my blog being used against me!

I don't like writing here anymore because I can't be myself anymore.

I love you guys a lot and if you want to email me to find out what is happening then please do as I would love to keep in touch but I am scared SCARED to write anymore and I am not going to live my life in fear.

So this is one thing she wrote: You have probably already guess that it was me who told Daniel about what was written in your Blog and it was and I don't have any regrets because it was bad enough what you wrote about me but Daniel and Joy were only trying to help you and you were quite nasty and I do have copies of posts so you can't deny it. It went further than I wanted it too I have to admit because I only wanted to see what you wrote after the split but then you kept writing and writing and it did become a bit addictive a bit like a soap opera really but I have to say thank you for blocking me again.

I didn't think I was nasty about Daniel and certainly wasn't nasty about Joy (Crusher) but obviously I was and to be honest I didn't or don't want to hurt anyone again so not writing at all is better.

I don't want another BITCH (sorry to say that but I am sooo angry at the moment) to use anything against me like that. OMG for her to copy my diaryland blog before I took it off makes me feel scared shitless because it just reminds me of a stalker and when I make my life into something they are going to bring bits and pieces up to cause me problems. I can't understand why anyone in their right mind would copy my blog. I don't think that I have ever said anything nasty about Joy.... maybe I am caught up in my own mind that I don't see that I am being nasty?

I am scared to be friends with anyone anymore and I am not going to let this ruin my weight loss journey. I have my husband and my kids and I am going to keep it at that from now on. I cannot handle another suzy school kid situation like this again. I can't be honest in my blog on how I am feeling because it is used against me.

I know this is like the millioneth time I have said it but it has to be like this as I can't handle this anymore.

I have had this blog for 2 years now and totally upset that it has to end but it is the right thing for me.

I will be reading your blogs to keep up on the news and I would love emails but this is the final post for me as it isn't working...

I am the luckiest woman to have met all of you and I hope for years and years we still are friends and write to each other as that is the thing I treasure the most out of this whole experience.

Love you all (for the last time)


Anne said...

First of all congrats on the 30 k loss - that is fantastic and you must be so proud of yourself!

I feel sad for you that it has got to this stage. You obviosuly have gained support (and given support) through the blog and it and always been meant to be for you! I don't know your ex-friend, but to me this seems quite immature and why do this to you??

Hard as it may seem, ignore the email, I know it's hurtful and really upsetting. Maybe in a little while re think your decision about the blog. Why should one person stop you from doing it. Also having met with you I don't know how anyone could describe you as nasty!

Take care and have a wonderful Christmas with your beautiful boys and family:)

Anne said...

Bit confused - the 30k entry was an October one? Not sure what has happened to your other entries??

Karen said...

*hugs* hun... I will never lose touch with you as you are one wonderful, beautiful, amazing, caring woman and never ever forget that!!!
Like Anne says I don't know how anyone in their right mind could describe you as nasty as you don't have a nasty bone in your body!
Hopefully you will blog again in the future when you are ready hun...
Take care and keep in touch through emails :)
Love ya hun xxx

Kate said...

That just sucks. I hate it how people have to ruin it for others. There are other options re: private blogs.. so maybe when you are feeling better about things you could try a different one. I have a vox blog, and I've made it family to view only - but I don't have any family on my list to view it, so it's just for me. (I actually don't use it anymore anyway, but it's a good option).

Definitely keep in touch, and over the next few weeks I will give the photo shop thing a try - probably while Joseph is off work over christmas and we have a bit of time together.

Take care, and if I don't talk to you again before hand, have a fantastic christmas - and don't ever let jealous nasty people ruin your life! You are better than them!

Janene said...

Oh CM, I'm sad to hear that that woman has pushed you to close your blog. As Kate says, maybe you can have one just for you that you keep private, if you want to, of course. But what a freaken stalker she turned out to be! You definately made the right decision to end the friendship and get her out of your life. Hopefully this will be the end of it.

We'll be staying in touch anyway through email etc, but take care!


Hippygal said...

Have a great Christmas and New Year :)

Rachel said...

Don't worry honey, we (your true friends) are all still here and have your email and WILL keep in touch.

What a horrible freak kris is and I hate that she has driven you to this but you must do what is right for you.

Lots of love and kisses and I'll be talking to you soon.

Rachel said...

Don't worry honey, we (your true friends) are all still here and have your email and WILL keep in touch.

What a horrible freak kris is and I hate that she has driven you to this but you must do what is right for you.

Lots of love and kisses and I'll be talking to you soon.

celtic_girl said...

I'm truly sorry to hear your news, I wouldn't imagine you to have a nasty bone in your body and I certainly can't remember you saying anything nasty. This woman must have a very miserable life to want to cause so much trouble.
Try and forget her and only think of ALL the friends you have here in blogland who are gunning for you !!

Leighanne said...

This Kris is definetly a nasty piece of work, don't let your experience with her make you shy away from friendships....she is just one mouldy potato in a barrel of fresh ones!!!
please keep in touch

tracy said...

I was going to post saying please don't stop, then I realised that it was because that is what I wanted - you have to do what YOU want. Having said that, I will miss your updates, you have been a huge inspiration this year, you have gone out of your comfort zone many times. Your family must be so proud of you & what a fantastic example to set to your boys. Until that last post, I had continued to read Kris' journal, however - no more!! I have deleted her in a form of protest (well it made me feel better anyway). Have a fantastic Christmas & I will email you in the new year just to say Hi if that is OK.

JustJo said...

Kris is a nutbar with a perverted view on her own life... Do what you feel is right chick.... your true friends will be there - no matter what!

Hippygal said...

Hope you had a great Christmas and have a fantastic New Year.