Thursday, 14 December 2006

Link for others to read and ARGHHHHHHHH

I was wondering if everyone could link to this page for me please. I want to be able to meet other people and this is way to do it.

I have set up this page so that others can come and read... So please link me from now on if that is ok :-)

Went to Corbin's gymnastics show last night and had such a good time watching them. Corbin looked so confident and happy. Quinn said he wanted to do it next year and I will have to arrange for them to both do some more activities next year OMG where am I going to get the time he he he he. Told them they could both have 1 sport and 1 creative each because I couldn't manage 2 sports each as they usually happen in the weekend and they can't be in two places each at the same time he he he.

Corbin watching the older kids doing gymnastics and was watching with such concentration on his face.

The boy in the red is Corbin's best friend Cathan and look at their faces aren't they funny.

Corbin was ready to do his roll and the concentration is still on his face it was just sooo cute (Ok I am biast he he he)

I went for a walk this morning to take the boys to school and then go for a walk afterwards and I walked 6743 steps and it was only 12.15 when I got home woohooo and I still have the rest of the day and also my PT with Crusher.

I am feeling so much happier since not being with Lean... I think it got to be too much getting up so early in the morning and also that I was doing too much exercise. Maybe that was another reason why I wasn't losing the weight. I was doing 6 days a week exercise and I was feeling good but the main reason was for me to lose weight and I wasn't.

I hoped on the scales last night and I was 122.6 (They are always a kilo more than WW so I was happy with that) so on the WW scales I am 121.6 that is 900grams and I am really really happy with that in one week. Last week I wasn't watching what I was eating.. I wasn't eating bad but relaxed maybe a little too much and this week I am getting my backside back into drinking my water and smaller portions.

1 week then I am off for 18 days OMG that is going to be fantastic I just cannot wait!!!

I am going to take photos of my Xmas cards tonight and put them up online. Feeling quite creative in the last week woohooo.

Katie... how is it going with photoshop? Good I hope.

Love ya all


I got a phone call from Debbie this afternoon to say that our work has sold the business (YET BLOODY AGAIN) the new owners have only owned us for a year and we are now owned by another company... OMG my job changed dramatically last time now I am really really worried that it is going to change again. In the letter it said that all employees will be employed but OMG I don't want to go through all that again...

Why can't things be simple and jobs be simple and that you get a job and that is it none of this will I have one next year or not. I mean a week and a half before Xmas and they do this crap! What is up with that?

I am a worried!!! and all my mum says is "you brought guitars and none of you are using them" OMG my life is upside down and I don't really know what is happening with my job and she says this crap!!!

I have been made redundant twice and I just don't want to go through anymore crap as my life is good the way it is.... I phoned hubby and said maybe this is telling us something? Maybe it is telling me to go for this franchise business? Or get my A into G and open up a crafts shop?


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