Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Life feels good - Wednesday 20 December 2006

Dec 20, 2006 at 2:47 PM

Life feels good today... well so far anyway.

Work put on a breakfast for us this morning at 7am argghhhh but then again I start work at 7.30 and we had bacon, hash browns and scrambled eggs and fruit and yoghurt... it was sooo yummy all of it he he he he

For lunch I had homemade coleslaw so that wasn't too bad.

I got a Secret Santa present a key ring with my name on it as it is hard to find my name they always think it is the other version so finding one with my real name on it was great. Those who know me know what I am talking about he he he.

Well last night I went to Weight Watchers and lost 400 grams and that was good considering all the xmas lollies and chocolates and food etc so I have now lost 32.9 kilos taking me from 154.7 to 121.8 woohoo only 1.9 till I get in to the teens and I cannot wait I can tell you.

I have had so much motivation in the last couple of months and I am sooo happy about that. It is amazing when you start thinking of yourself instead of others how things can change. I am happy with all my decisions in the last year and all that I have done! I am happy with my life at the moment apart from the uncertainty with work and if I am going to have a job next year.. and in previous years I would have fretted over it and fretted over it but now I think well I can't do much about it and if I lose my job then I will have to find another and hey that is the way things go in life now.. years ago people kept their jobs forever but not now.

We are having a meeting tonight with the new owners so we will see how it all goes.. I hope it is a possitive one because I don't want to be feeling bad at Xmas time.

I must admit I am having some pimples on my face (which I haven't had in years) because of all the crap with K and with the work situation and I think Xmas is going to be good to relax and just go with the flow. I do totally believe that stress makes things in your system go wacko!
Picked up my boys from school today to find out what class they will be in next year and I am so so so so happy with who their teachers will be next year. My youngest (I have been told) has been put in an accelerated class as that teacher always takes the accelerated kids.

My oldest has a new teacher next year but she has relieved this year and he absolutly adores her so that is going to be good too. My oldest also gets to go in the class with his best friend so that is good too and he is in an accelerated class too he is reading at a 9 1/2 year old level and he is only just turned 7 so that is good in a way... but I have had talks with his teacher as I don't want to have him too far ahead of himself because I had a friend when I was in high school kill himself because of the pressure and he wasn't ready for it so I hope they don't push him too much as I want him to be happy and the other stuff will come in life ya know.

My brother in law and his new girlfriend are coming for Xmas OMG I was pissed about it last night (now please don't take this the wrong way) but last year he came and he didn't get any presents for anyone (NOT even the kids) and I felt that I didn't care if he got anything for me but he didn't get anything for my boys and he is really their only true uncle I was sooo angry.. and then he sat around all day having everyone wait on him hand and foot (as he is my husbands mums favourite (well that is what I think anyway)). He didn't bring any food to contribute and didn't help clean up anything just ate A LOT and drank.. I was sooo annoyed.

The other thing I am mad at as he is has been with his girlfriend for like six months and we met her once at the end of my triathlon for 5 minutes and that was it.. so I don't know what she is like apart from I think she seemed quite nice on the day and got on with the kids. But getting a present for her... what does she like what does she do? PLEASE give me strength.

Hubby's mother is forever going on about how wonderful and smart she is.. so there is another reason to not like her. I have been with hubby for 17 years and she tried everything to stop our relationship at the start because she thought that I was stopping him from getting his degree and I was the one that was making him study and go to class grrrr and so I am going to feel like I am competing with her. I have been told by others that my mother in law is always talking about me to her work mates really nicely but I would just wish she would make me feel comfortable. D got to meet her last week and she could see what I meant and before that thought I was being sensitive so it was nice to know that she agreed with me.

The new girlfriend is from Luxenburg so there is another exotic thing about her...
Wow I will stop this moaning as she does seem like a really nice girl REALLY but OMG I just didn't want Christmas day to be a day where I was not feeling like I could relax and his brother said that he wasn't coming until last night when he told us he was coming months ago SHIT! Ba hum bug.

I am not a nasty person but if I get it out on here then I can forget about it and get on with my life and be nice on Christmas day ya know.

I hope you all check out Kateypie's digital scrapbooking because for a newbie she is just Brilliant... her pages look fantastic. She should be proud.

I am doing a scrapbook for me (digital of course) about me!! All about me so that my kids will know what I think and how I feel... it is going to be interesting that is for sure.


Rachel's World wrote:
Dec 20, 2006 at 3:36 PM

ANOTHER LOSS!!!!!!! You are on fire girl, congratulations. What an excellent way to end the year and I reckon you will be in the 'teens' quicker than you can blink an eye :)

Bummer about the brother-in-law coming for Xmas day, doesn't sound like the sort of person you want around at that time ay? Oh well try and make the best of it, I know you will be smiling and being your normal delightfuly self.

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