Friday, 29 December 2006

PRIVATE:::: Dislike my mother so much

Dec 29, 2006 at 4:00 PM

I am tired of my mother!!

I don't like her at all!!

She might be my mother and I love her but I don't like her!

I left home because of her controlling ways and now she is living with us and I hate it!
I am 36 years old married with kids and a mortgage and she is still trying to control my life!
I can't leave anything around the house without her moving it and I am tired of it so I am going to just move it back each time she moves it!

I am not going to take it any longer as she is ruining my life... and if she doesn't listen then I am going to suggest that we sell the house and give her $145,000 back and she can go and find another house for herself as I am not going to take this anymore.

I can't have friends without her hating them and making snide remarks and my husband can't even back me up! It has to stop for me to have a life and if it doesn't then my husband and kids can stay with her and I am going to leave!

I know this is the worst thing that anyone could say ever but sometimes I wish that it was her and not my Dad that died! At least with Dad he listened! I tell her and tell her things and she never listens to me and then later she says I didn't tell her.

She hates my friend Debbie! I don't know why she does because she doesn't have to live with her! But I have had enough of it as I don't have friends come over anymore because of her. I know the best thing to do is just to make things on Thursday, Friday, Saturdays when she isn't around so that I can have some peace but I shouldn't have to arrange my life around her!

I do think the only thing that we can do is sell the house! Or tell her she has to find somewhere else to live! I can't do it anymore. She treats me like I am the worst daughter ever when my whole free days not working is taking her everywhere shopping and I hate shopping with a passion. We spend three nights a week taking her to Bingo and spending our petrol to take her and the only time we get money for the bingo is when she wins which it isn't often.

The reason I am writing this is because I have to get this off my chest!!! I don't want to be the same as her!! I don't want to make my kids hate me like I hate her as I am in danger of doing that with my kids!

I have to stop worrying about what she thinks and just get on with it! The reason I haven't gotten in to the Meticulous Maids franchise is because what she thinks and not because it is right for my family

I really dislike my mother and she is 75 years old and I don't think it will ever change!!!


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