Friday, 29 December 2006

101 Things to do in 1001 Days

Dec 29, 2006 at 2:30 PM

"101 Things to do in 1001 Days"

Start: 27th September 2006
Completed = in red
Working on = in Blue

1: Dress up, go somewhere for lunch with a special friend
2: Paint Bedroom feature wall
3: Get new curtains for bedroom
4: Get new curtains for Quinn’s room
5: Go on a camping holiday
6: Do corner garden outside Quinn’s room
7: Take the kids to a circus
8: Finish retaining wall with rocks and more plants
9: Get and stay below 100 kilos
10: Go diving
11: Take more photos
12: Go Kayaking
13: Try a Jet Ski
14: Plant some Feijoa trees
15: Learn to play Guitar
16: Go swimming at the beach
17: Investigate learning to be a Life Coach
18: Read 4 novels from start to finish
19: Stop Biting my nails
20: Wear Skinny red dress
21: Learn Piano
22: Go to Venice and Explore Tuscany
23: Get remarried in a beautiful strapless dress
24: Jog 10km (allowed to stop but mainly jog it)
25: 1 Day Quad bike adventure
26: Have a go at a pottery class
27: Learn to waltz and salsa
28: Hire a boat and go fishing
29: Learn to ride a motorcycle
30: Learn more about SLR Digital Camera and go to a photography class
31: Hubby and I write and illustrate a children’s book
32: Design back yard - where we’d love to entertain in
33: De-clutter under bed and wardrobe
34: Have a traditional Xmas and try some new recipes
35: Put some more shelves up in the garage
36: Have a kid free weekend
37: Get a makeover
38: Reorganise photos
39: Write something about my past for future generationsfrom my about me book
40: Get false nails as it was supposed to be my 20 kilo reward but I have been too chicken. 12/10/06
41: Take the kids to speedway
42: This summer invite more friends around for a BBQ
43: Celebrate a mid winter christmas
44: Do round the bays
45: Make my Xmas Cards and actually send them this year
46: Work out how to publish my blog in a book for me.
47: Do some more scrapbook pages for the boys
48: Get Quinn in to an activity now he is five
49: Try harder to play with the kids
50: Take the kids to Motat
51: Try a new recipe every fortnight
52: Type out mums recipes so they are never forgotten
53: Take the boys ice skating
54: Visit Auckland Museum
55: Get the Visa down instead of thinking of it as money we can spend.
56: Take a photo of my dinners for a fortnight
57: Have a PJ day and not get out of my PJ’s the whole day.
58: Sort out my digital photos and put them on the external hard drive.
59: Organise a holiday birthday diary and send out the cards.
60: Organise a book club online with bloggers (once a month)
61: Try a pedicure
62: Clean out our cupboard shelves
63: Make more cards
64: Take a Trip on a Train
65: Learn to make great bread
66: Complete this list
67: Buy a decent pair of sunglasses
68: Go to the movies by myself
69: Take a photo a day for 30 days
70: Visiting friends in Auckland
71: Stay up to see in a New Year
72: Buy some flowers for no reason and give them to someone
73: Place $1 a day in a jar for 1001 days
74: Go wine tasting
75: Get over the 30 kilos lost and stop stuffing around. 10/10/06
76: Track for a month and don't miss.
77: Once a month do a digital scrapbook page
78: Walk and Jog for 1/2 hour 1 minute each
79: Reach my 35 Kilos before end of April 2007
80: Grow my hair to my shoulders
81: Get to 40 kilos lost
83: Get to 45 kilos lost
84: Buy an outfit from Kimberleys on Victoria Street (if it is open when I reach that size)
85: Do lengths in the swimming pool
86: Go horse riding
87: Finish the two cross stitches I started
88: Mums cross stitch framed
89: Get rid of old shoes and buy some new ones
90: 4 weekends in a row bake some biscuits etc for kids lunches
91: 15 minutes on cross trainer
92: 20 minutes on cross trainer
93: Go to Rangitoto for a visit with the kids
95: Walk up and down the beach on holiday everyday of the holiday
96: Scuba Diving
97: Do some bush walks
98: 2008 Relay for Life
99: Huntly Half Marathon
100: One Night class with Hubby
101: Make a new list


Lynise wrote:
Jan 3, 2007 at 9:39 AM
Hi there deary,
Great to see your back. I have been meaning to write you an e-mail and see how you are but have had very restricted computer access over the past week (been away) and prior to going away I had almost a week of misery with my wisdom teeth (op) causing me major grief. Anyway, roll on 2007, there's a whole new year just beginning and I know we all have it within us to make progress on our own personal goals (whatever they may be). I must get back into blogspot and start posting and blog reading again as I've really missed everyone.
Well I hope your year is off to a great start.
Take care

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