Thursday, 30 November 2006

Don't know what to write

I am still hesitant to write in here what I am feeling... and last night I wrote and re-wrote my post so much that I deleted it in the end.

I am feeling so much more positive about my weight loss in the last couple of weeks. It is like a free feeling!

I have been reading more about weight loss lately because I want to have as much inspiration as I can get. I also brought the book off trademe that KT was talking about Geneen Roth... she certainly makes you think.

I have been thinking about things she says in it like sometimes if you are craving something you should just have a little bit of the thing you are craving or nothing else will satisfy and you. Then you will end up eating more and in the last couple of weeks I have been trying to do just that and Monday night at 9pm I wanted a cheese toasty and hubby said you have had your dinner and you don't need anymore.

He was right but I wanted it and for the next day I wanted it and it got to Tuesday night and we talked about it and he made a cheese toasty and then we went halves and that satisfied my craving... and then that was it I have felt better for it since and I have not craved for anything since... maybe sometimes we just have to have a little bit (in moderation) and then we won't pig out.

I am trying to really notice things like that lately and so far I have liked what I am feeling and how I am coping with it. What a great book KT thanks.

I am going to a PT session with Crusher tonight with Debbie... we are having a double PT with Crusher to make up for the Lean.

Then Debbie and I are going out to Chartwell to do some shopping for our Secret Santa at work... and also have kebabs for dinner yummmyyyy. I can't wait I haven't had a girly thing like that in ages. I must admit I feel a little bit guilty as I don't exactly feel like I have been spending enough time with hubby lately either and last night at the kickboxing class I think he was a little upset that I paired up with Debbie and not him but she asked first... what was I supposed to say no sorry I have to go with hubby.. not that I didn't want to go with hubby just I hate being caught in the middle.

I think what I need to do is try and make our weekends for family and him so that I do give him as much time as I can and spend time during the week with Debbie and other friends. It is hard sometimes to juggle everyone and I hate upsetting everyone. But my family have to come first as I don't want to upset my family as they are important to me and I wouldn't give them up for anything in this world.

Anyway better go and sort out the boys as I have to take Quinn's friend home and get to the gym woohoo.

Love Chubbymum

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Kate said...

You're welcome mate. Even if you don't use it as your main focus I think there are lots of good parts in it, and it certainly makes you think. I'm glad you bought the book :-)