Friday, 24 November 2006

Private - Thoughts

I have been looking at my comparison photo on the side Jan 05 to Nov 06 and I can't get why I let myself get that bad... how did I let myself look like that.

Why didn't I see it? How could I not see how horrible I look.

I used to look at guys going down the street and think that they thought I was pretty and I was going on was that they were looking at my face... my face is the only thing I have ever seen for a long time as I am always told that I am such a pretty person and have a pretty face and that really sucks that I couldn't see until today that I had let myself get to an unbelievably ugly person on the outside. I know I shouldn't be saying that about myself but I look terrible in the photo with the green top and cream pants... not good at all!

I am still not looking good enough either. I need to get off my arse and stop all this crap and lose the fucken weight! I mean if Debbie can lose 13 kilos in 11 weeks so can I!!!

What is stopping me but ME!!!!

I need to find out what is happening with ME.


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