Sunday, 5 November 2006

Round the Bridges

Got up at some ungodly time this morning so we could be in town for the Round the Bridges and found out that we didn't start walking at 9am we started at 10 OMG... OMG there was sooooo many people.

Debbie and I were wearing out orange T-Shirts that we made and I tell you we chose such a great colour because every other person was wearing white or red or blue or yellow... we were probably the only people wearing orange... and you could see us a mile away.

I met sooo many people from my old work (the University) there. My old boss and work mates and others it was amazing. One of my work friends came up to me and said "OMG Mandy is that you?" I said yes and she gave me a huge huge hug and said OMG OMG OMG look at you you have lost so much and so did her other half. I said yeah I have lost almost 31 kilos and she said you look amazing girl. I must admit I felt amazing this morning. So that put me on a high before the race that is for sure.

So the race started and Debbie said "we have to beat the lady on the crutches" OMG that lady was hoofing it around and made me think OMG if she could do it anyone could.

When we practiced the walk in the last couple of weeks it took us 1 hour and 35 minutes for the 6.3 km... and we thought that was a fantastic effort..

As you can tell... hubby is next to me in the orange and there is Debbie right next to me.

Today we were on fire.. we were passing people and jogging to pass them and jogging down hills and I must admit I wasn't drinking enough because I felt quite light headed half way but it was great.

Hubby went with us and was great he stayed just behind us and he took my water bottle in a bum bag for me and the support was great... I was sooo happy that Debbie did this with me we moved our little backsides and she is such a great support for me. My shins and blisters under my toes were killing me.... but I had to keep going because Debbie and I were going to get through this... the major hill at the end was the killer for me and I started to feel quite yukky but we decided that the three of us would run at the end.

There were so many people at the end and Crusher was at the end waiting and screaming and taking photos and I felt like I had done a marathon and we ran and Debbie and I raced and raced to the end... what an achievement.
Woohoooo we are running!!!! with all the tummy going everywhere he he he I am on the left and Debbie is on the right.

My mother in law and brother in law (with his new girlfriend, that I met for the first time at the walk today grrrr) were at the end with the kids cheering for us too. I was on top of the world... there were people we didn't know cheering for us and my friends from the Uni that ran the course at the end cheering us on too... I swear there was about 200 people at the end waiting for their loved ones.

Well needless to say we didn't win the race he he he but we did it in 1 hour and 8 minutes!!!!! We shaved 25 minutes off our time!!! We are troopers wohooooooo.

I am sore and tired and the others are playing playstation but all I want to do is go up and have a bath... but will do that when Debbie goes to her friends for dinner.

Love Chubbymum


stephaniehinebrown said...

That is awesome Mandy, well done. You have just done so damn well. You really are my inspiration. Well, you will justbe so proud of me... and it's all thanks to you! My first week of WW and I actually got under 140kg! I cannot belive it, a loss of 3.8kg! I just about fell of the scales in complete shock! Thanks so much Mandy, you will not believe how much inspiration you have given me! I just feel like a new me. I have managed to walk a whole lot more and my son even said I was happier! Now that is a pretty amazing thing for him to say! Thanks so so much xxx

Hippygal said...

whoohoo girl - awesome result :):)


Helena said...

well done gorgeous, 1 hr 8 mins is bloody fantastic! and look at you run! shake that bootie baby! Loved the orange Tshirts too! LOL

Janene said...

Awesome effort CM, fancy beating your time by 25 minutes! That's just amazing!!! And look at you run, you truly are inspirational! :)

Rachel said...

Who's a little runner chic then ay???? You two look fantastic and not even tired at the end (especially if you can still run) and isn't hubby a wonderful support.

Keep up the good work :)

Sue said...

What a fabulous time! You really kicked *rse!

celtic_girl said...

Congratulations on your achievments.

Name: Lynise said...

What a fantastic post. I can understand you feeling so pleased with completing the run, you soooooo deserve to feel extremely proud of yourself. (and Debbie as well) Amazing time too. As others have said, your posts really help provide inspiration and motivate me into getting active and prioritising a plan for my own exercise routine. CONGRATULATIONS.