Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Weigh in 6

Hi guys

This is my 6th weigh in since getting rid of the acidic friendship... I have lost 4 weeks and stayed the same 1 week and last week I gained. I am not sure why I gained but as I told my wonderful WW ladies I am not giving up... I think they thought I might... OMG I don't want to do that.. I have said it but to be quite honest I don't ever ever ever want to be as big as I was again.... it is just frustrating when you know you are trying and you don't loose.

I gained 400 grams this week. Now two good things I didn't go below the 30 kilos and I have had a good streak of 5 weeks of good weighing and that is the most I have had all year because of my yoyo dieting.

I am more determined than ever to get this weight off my friends!!! It is not going to beat me!!

I think I have my exercise down now and I think now is the time to sort out the food even more and really look at it and really try to get my water sorted.

No more PISSING around body!! DO YOU HEAR ME!!!

I have three ladies coming around tonight and I can't wait to have a GREAT chin wag it is going to be fun...

I have started off the way I mean to carry on this week. The girls at WW seem to think that I am not eating enough... so I am going to make a big effort to eat more for breakfast.

Anyway better get some work done he he he... I just feel on top of the world even though I gained last night.. I am doing better in the last 5 weeks and feeling more positive in my journey. Yes of course there will be gains but I have been having so much fun with Debbie and life seems to be going faster.

It is not going to beat me!!

I am not going to be fat anymore!!!

Teens here I come... then Ninety's here I come

Love Chubbymum


Rachel said...

Sorry about the gain but you are sounding so positive that I was really impressed.
You are SO right about 5 loss's out of 6 is amazing and there are always 'bumps' in the road but you just go over them and carry on.

I know eating is hard you with someone else making your meals but you just need to get firm and set a menu whether it upsets people or not........this is for you!!!

Helena said...

you are a trooper, you deserve for those damn scales to head in the downwards direction! It's just testing your resolve babes, so keep going for it and beat it!

happy_p_114 said...

good attidute to have, and sounidng possitive is going to help,, keep it up girl

Rachel said...

Hay aren't we going backward with this post? I'm pretty sure I have read this one and there was another one on top of it that is now missing..........surely my Monday morning hasn't bought memory loss???

*nose pressed against the screen* hello in there?

Anne said...

I'm with Rachel here - your last entry is not here??

Can always pick you in the photos - you are the one with big grin!!!

Leighanne said...

You are sounding so postive!!!
Hopefully it will rub on

Name: Lynise said...

Hi deary,
Hope your ok. Have missed reading your posts so really everything is ok. I am in the Waikato tomorrow (Tuesday) and would love to shout us both a coffee or something. (don't know what your work schedule is for a Tuesday). Am in Hamilton every 5-6 weeks so can doesn't have to be tomorrow if it doesn't suit. Take care

Name: Lynise said...

when will I learn to spell check before hitting 'publish'. That should of read, Have missed reading your posts, so hope everything is ok.

celtic_girl said...

Hope everything is OK, have missed you in the last couple of days