Friday, 24 November 2006

Not working for me

I have re-read my blog and I have taken some posts out!

I am having doubts about writing in here now!

The reason being that Crusher said that Sgt Major has read or been told that I am writing not so nice stuff about him in my blog. I re-read all my posts that had him in it and all that I had said was that I know he is a nice guy but his style of training was not one that I liked and don't want him to train me... and apparently he is upset that I put nasty things on my blog and that other people are reading it.

OMG I was hurt about it because I know everyone that is reading my blog and if anyone from here is telling lies it makes me feel really uncomfortable writing in here at all anymore. I feel like this friendship breakup is spiralling and now it is making me feel uncomfortable.

I am feeling really unhappy about it.. Debbie seems to think that it is someone else (that isn't reading my blog causing problems) and now I don't want to have my blog anymore! My husband thinks that it is Kris causing the problems as Sgt Major is her trainer. I don't know what I think anymore and have been really upset about it all for days.

I want this blog to be able to get support and to write what I am feeling so I don't hold anything in as that is bad for me but if I am going to be scared to say how I am feeling then I don't want to write here anymore. I mean that is the reason I passworded it because I was feeling like that.

I don't think I am a nasty person! I don't think that I have intentionally said anything bad about Sgt Major! I know I have said some things about Kris but that is how I was feeling and that is what my blog was for!



celtic_girl said...

NO,NO,NO, pleeeeze do not stop blogging.You have never said anything bad at all about the Sgt, sounds like theres a fox in the henhouse causing trouble. I would speak to Sgt & set the record straight.

tracy said...

You have not said anything nasty about anyone else - despite extreme provocation in some instances. This is your blog & you have the right to say any damn thing you please. You expressed YOUR opinion on YOUR blog that his style of training was not for you, I am sorry but if he is offended then he is being a big baby!!!
We can all take an educated guess as to where he came upon that titbit of info & I think you should confront him & tell him that you hear he is not happy as he that you have been mean about him & then tell him what you did say. Then just walk away. No accusations or demands as to who said what.

Hippygal said...

Things for you seem to be spiraling out of control right now. Remember this blog is about you - what you write is your choice. If people don't like it fine.... but don't give up the blog because other people are having a hard time on what you write. Gees he is an adult and there will always be people in our lives that disagree with what we write so be it. You are NOT a nasty person but you must not let other people get to you. What ever your decision know I will always be there for you in cyberland anyway. Come on CM you are a stronger than all this don't let it get to you..... Take care

Karen said...

Celtic girl, tracy and hippygal have summed it all up nicely hun! Please don't stop blogging as this is YOUR blog and you have the right to say what you want when you want!
I think you should meet up with Sgt Major and talk to him and tell him exactly what you did say (ie his style of training doesn't suit you).
*hugs* and remember I am always here if you want someone to chat too xxx

Helena said...

awwwww mate! whats his number, I'll ring the prick up and tell him to pull his freakin head in :D

Leighanne said...

I agree with the others...give him this adress and let him read it for himself!!

Rachel said...

I'm with Helena, if someone has told him that you are writing nasty things ..... he needs to evaluate that persons intentions as it isn't true and you wouldn't give you password out to just anybody.

What a Soft cock!

How's it been anyway girl, hate it when you don't blog for a few days. I miss that happy cheerful writing you are so good at :)

fjdagg said...

Hun u don't have a mean bone in your body. I think your best option is to set Helena on to him heheheheh

Anne said...

Agreeing with the others here - this is your blog - for you to be honest in. Love Helena's comment - sums it up!!