Sunday, 26 November 2006

Private - What to write?

I don't know what to write in here today...

I am feeling angry and I am tired and I am feeling bloated and bitchy!!!

I have eaten too much this weekend and I won't be losing weight this week.

I drank too much V this week too.. Why do I do that? Whenever things are going well I start going back to my bad habits.

I don't know know what to do with my life... am I lazy? I feel like I am.

We have this amazing opportunity to buy this franchise business and make some good money (never getting rich I don't think) but good money for not much work but I think I am doing the lazy thing and because I only work part time I think I am happy that I have two days to do what I want and not what everyone else wants but with Mum living with us I don't really get to do what I want most of the time anyway as I have to take mum places.

I love my mum!! I want to do things with her but I spend more time with her than anyone I know spends with their mum and I still feel like a little child with her and that I can't do what I want in my life...

Yesterday was a good day... it was busy and relaxing at the same time.

We got up early and went shopping at The Warehouse to get the rest of our Xmas presents as we didn't want to be spending weeks and weeks getting the presents or even waiting till the last moment.

We got $150 in vouchers from our hotpoints on the Visa... it is a great way to buy presents and not having to save for them for Xmas.

For Hubby's father and step mum we got a two person hammock and some lovely lamps with blue glass and citronella to go into the lamps.

For Hubby's brother we brought a repleca of the George Forman's grill.... I can't say that I wanted to buy him anything at all as last year we spent a lot on him and he didn't bother buying anyone any present at all not even the kids and OMG I was pissed. So he was bloody lucky that he got a present this year.

We also got a little rice cooker for Debbie to go with the ceramic necklace we brought for her.

Hubby brought me a lovely white satin night dress that feels soooo nice and comfy. He got two shirts and two shorts as well. There was a 30% discount at Warehouse which was even better.

We also brought ourselves a black swing for 3 people and a table and chairs to go on the side of the house by the boys play room too so that we can sit out in the sun out the back there. It looks sooo much better with that. All we need to do now is get rid of the dirt in the corner and finishing painting the fence and things will be sorted.

I am trying and trying to finish this and the cat keeps jumping up on my lap and trying to get on the laptop or he is behind my head on the couch trying to annoy me...

Saturday night we took mum to Bingo and took the boys to Shinjuku (Japanese restaurant) and they were little darlings and it was a really great night out with them. We had sushi and other stuff and the boys had Chicken Terriyaki and Tempura and I ended up spilling Miso soup all over me and rice and anything else that I was trying to put in my mouth he he he what a sight I looked

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