Saturday, 1 October 2005

Can't stop thinking about weight loss

I just cannot stop thinking about weight loss at the moment. It is like consuming my existance. It feels like back in January when I started. My day started off quite well yesterday with Corbin and I going to Quinn's creche to take a birthday cake in so that all his friends at creche could share it with him. Then it was home to get some lunch ready so that when hubby came home we could have lunch then head off to the movies with Kris and her kids.

We went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and I really enjoyed it! It was a little strange and hubby and I looked at each other now and then as if to say OMG but it was good and I really liked the way they had finished the ending better than in the old version. We have heard so many different opinions on the movie but I ended up thinking it was quite entertaining.

But then in the afternoon when we picked up Quinn from the creche it was the end of a happy day. She doesn't really do much to spark me off (BLONDE) but yesterday just talking to her made me feel grumpy. Everytime I see her I want to be nice to her I really do and I feel sorry for her in some way too but then I remember the last 10 years of all the things that she did or said and it sparks up the angry person in me. I know some of you don't know about BLONDE but all I can say is maybe when you have some time read my back issues and they sort of tell some of the things.

I get so angry that her other half gives her child support (and creche fees on top of that) and he earns over $100,000 a year and yet she still get winz to pay for the childcare as well (which her ex doesn't know) I know it is for him I REALLY do and that is so fair for her son to get it but it also lets her spend the money on her too and yet hubby and I work our butts off and still find it hard to manage. I know that it is hard for solo mums and I take my hat off to her sometimes for that too I really do but the girl just rubs me the wrong way... especially since I found out that she told someone that if she snaps her fingers she could get my husband... little does she know that hubby doesn't like her and when he knew she was coming around he would moan and groan like a 5 year old and make sure he was doing something. But it makes me uneasy now knowing it... and she calls me her friend PHEWWWYYY.

I should have gone to the gym last night but I didn't as I really wanted to go with Kris but she had made other plans so I just sat home and sulked (about Blonde not Kris)... I know a silly thing to do!!! I know I know this. Then Blonde phoned to ask me about my gym.... and that was the last straw... I am happy with not having her around and I so hope that she doesn't join my gym and the only reason she is joining said my husband was because she can see the fact I am losing weight and she has gained all the weight back that she lost at weight watchers and hubby said her face is getting really chubby now. Wish I was her weight though... but I don't want her ruining my fun... if she joins I will be making sure I go at the time she is at work and she cannot come. OHHHHH I FEEL like I am at school again but I had to get this off my chest today that is for sure. SORRYYYYY

I think I might go to the gym tomorrow morning and get some exercise as we were going to go for a walk today but the weather is sooooooo rainy and sucky.

OK my moany session is over and I will go now but I will come back later tonight with another post when I am a happy chickybabe again he he he


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