Monday, 17 October 2005

Break down

Went to the gym today and Kris was back after two weeks of not being allowed to go.

OMG what a work out. I kept chanting to myself....30 kilos 30 kilos to keep me going as Steve really worked us hard and I actually did half the class with the skipping it was fantastic and I felt so much more energetic.

Had lunch with hubby and Quinn (youngest) and that was so nice as the weather was fantastic.

Went to get Corbin from school and got out from getting him to take him to get his haircut and the bloody car wouldn't start OMG OMG OMG that was all I needed. One of the mums had to get going but said she would leave me her cellphone so I tried to get my husband but he wasn't available so I phoned Kris (OMG what a life saver she was) I am sooooo glad that she was there and she came and got me and the boys and took us home. It was nice sitting outside on the seat swing and talking. The kids got on so well and they were so quiet.

Hubby got home and we went to get the car from school and it started. So I decided to go for a long drive to get the car going and while I was on the open road I tried to put the window back up and my speedometer went haywire. It went from 80ks to 20 ks and then while I was going at least 80ks and it was saying I was doing 20 ARGHHHHHHHHH then I couldn't signal. OMG OMG I was worried! Just before our holiday there is no way that we can afford anything on the car. We are stretched just to get money for the holiday as it is arghhhh.

So phoned the brother in law and he seems to think that it was the battery or the alternator but we need to take it in to the shop tomorrow (which luckily he works at again wooohooooo I am glad he is back from Europe woohoo).

But it will still cost us but not as much.

YAYYY Rosita won NZ Idol. I picked her right from the start before she got into the top 50 or so and I kept telling my hubby and mum she would win but they scoffed wohooooo I was right!!

I forgot to mention that I got my flute out yesterday and played it in front of the kids it felt so good to play music again.... like my soul had been lifted and I enjoyed it so much.

I want to go and learn how to tap dance but I am scared to go by myself and I wish there was someone here in my town to go with me... it would be great exercise and fun too.. to get away from the kids and from hubby just for some fun. hmmmm

I am really scared about tomorrow. I don't feel like I have lost anything. I have kept within points like I said yesterday but I am not sure this week, I am not sure that my choices were right. I have had more water than usual as I hate it and this contract I have with Kris is not going to beat me. I have done my exercise but it is all up in the air... when I think I am going to lose I gain and when I think I am going to gain I lose.

Love Chubbymum


Karen said...

Wow you play the flute... wish I could do that! And I would love to learn to tap dance too hun... I so wish we lived closer together!!!! I did learn for a year or two when I was about 8yrs old but it is something I have always wanted to go back to!
Sending ya positive vibes for weigh in today!

Sue said...

If your music makes you feel that good - keep it up. Then you know you've got something you enjoy to turn to when life gets tough.

Debbie said...

Hey, just wanted to comment to say I've read back through your whole blog and I think what you've achieved is really brilliant :) hope I do as well!!
Debbie x

Jodie said...

Good luck with weigh in and hopefully nothing too serious with the car!! XX

M said...

I think it is wonderful you play an instrument. Music is so good for us in so many ways.

Have a lovely day today :)

Leighanne said...

I really hate it when I have car trouble - last time it was around the corner from my dads house( an hour away from my place), and he was interstate!!!
Hope weigh in went well:)

Philippa said...

Wow, I didn't know you played the flute. Good for you! The only woodwind instrument I ever mastered was the recorder LOL.

Hope the car trouble isn't too serious.....buggers, aren't they?!

Hope you had a happy day today and that weigh in goes well.

Helena said...

you are such a talented lady!!!!! sending positive thoughts your way for weigh in :):):):) woohoo you've fixed something so I can add my name! :D