Sunday, 16 October 2005

Weekend Woohoo

The weekend was a really nice relaxing one

Took Corbin to ANOTHER birthday party and then I took Quinn out with me to do some chores and get his haircut. What a spunky little dude with his hair all spikey he he he. We went to the big playground but then he didn't want to play so we went shopping.

When we got home it was just relaxing and they boys played outside in the backyard and we just read our magazines and just chilled it was fantastic.

We all made a impossible quiche this morning to take on a picnic. Went and took back the library books and then went to the Hamilton gardens and found a really nice picnic table (made of marble) up high looking over a beautiful water garden and ate our quiche and the kids were having so much fun.

The afternoon was spent cleaning out our study so that we can have a spare bedroom because since I have had the laptop I am in the lounge on a table instead of needing a study so we now have a day bed and chair in there and it will be a good place to chill in the summer as it will be a nice cool room.

We put on the roast and decided that since mum is home we would go out for a walk with the kids (they took their bikes) We went for a 40 minute walk and when we were on the way back a car stopped just up in front of us... it scared me a little and hubby said "must be someone wanting to know instructions) well we got to the window and I heard a voice say "OMG GIRL I had to go around the round about twice to come back and tell you how FANTASTIC you are looking and I didn't recognise that it was you" My head must have swelled up so much after that. I was on such a high. The lady used to go to Weight Watchers when I first started and she was saying she hadn't been back because it has clashed with her work etc. So I have been on a high since...

To be honest I am scared about the weigh in on Tuesday. I have kept within points this week but I don't know if my choices were right. So we shall see. It would be fantastic to lose 30 kilos within the year of starting this.. So I am going to work my butt off to get there. 10 kilos to get off before the end of January. Even though my year ends on the 11th January 2006 I think by the end of January I can do this if I reallllllllly stick to it.

He he going to leave it at that.


Karen said...

WOOOOHOOOO on compliements hun!!! Always makes you feel great!

Felicity said...

what a buzz the WW ladies comment keep up the good work and your January goal will be in sight

michelle said...

You sooo deserve those compliments. Funny you are coming to Melbourne, my beautiful home and I am coming to NZ in Dec. Also I stared Ww the same time as you and we have lost similar amounts. Coincidences!!
Good luck at weigh in.

Jaxx said...

Hey you - I am doing a challenge to lose 10 kilos by the beginning of January.. meet you at the end :):)

Cheers Jaxx

Queen said...

Aren't COMPLIMENTS just the END?? You deserve them because you HAVE worked hard -- savor them for a rainy day!! ;)

Slim Suzy said...

What a lovely weekend you had with your little family.
COngrats on the compliments. You deserve it.
Have a great day!

Kate said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend, and what a nice compliment! Of course you can do 10 kgs by the end of January - you know what to do, now go do it :-)

Lee-Anne said...

Wasn't yesterday gorgeous. We got out with the kids too. Also involved them in a bit of backyard exercise. lol. They're turning into quite the little gardeners.

You deserve the compliments. Isn't it great the lift you get. Pushes you that little bit further.

Have a great week. Good luck for weigh in.

Philippa said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. And isn't it wonderful when you get a lovely compliment like that - it gives you such a lift, it makes all the hard work and effort worthwhile, and motivates you to keep going.

You're looking great, so keep it up! Have a great week

Anonymous said...

you look fantastic! KEEP GOING ... and the bootcamp ... stick to points, drink water, be active every day and most important BE HONEST WITH YOU! you go you good thing! :) 30kgs is just round the corner for you mate :) *hugs* - Helena (still cant type my name in below for some reason?)

M said...

What a great weekend. When the weather is good it is so easy to get that extra incidental exercise in. Well done to you for getting as much in as you possibly could. And whoooo hoooo for the compliment. LOL that she drove around the block. How cool is that.

Hope weigh in is kind to you, but don't worry because it will all come off in the end :)

Anne said...

Sounds as if your weekend was fun and I bet you felt great getting such a fantastic compliment, you are really on a roll and are just doing so well:)