Monday, 31 October 2005


Thank you all for your comments! I really appreciate it.

I think it is just one of those slumps and this week coming I am going to get my backside into order!

I agree with all your comments and this should be a challenge against myself and now I am going to get to it and do that again because it was working before!

I have had such a full on day today. I drove my son to school this morning and I went over the judder bars at the school and OMG my back was killing me and I thought that I would be staying at home all day again and it was driving me insane. My friend Tanya phoned and said to come over. I said that I didn’t want to be sitting on the breakfast bar chairs…. As my back was sore and while I was over there we decided that we would go into the wedding invitation business and went out and got some papers and with my laptop in toe we made up 3 sets of invitations and we still have so many ideas to come.

We did a really nice silver and charcoal sort of blue with paua shell on them. It looks sooooo cool.

We just had so much fun and I had enough pain killers to get me through he he he

In answer to some of your questions we are going to stay with a friends in Melbourne, Kingsville somewhere… I have never been to Melbourne before so it should be quite interesting. I have been researching on the internet as to what the city is like and OMG it is bigger than I thought it was so it will be good I can imagine.

Good night everyone… I am sick of sitting up and I am going to bed as it is almost 10.30pm.

Love ya all


M said...

Way to go CM. I made all my own wedding invites and christening cards and things and people have often said I should go into business doing that. Unfortunately I am too lazy - or maybe that is fortunately LOL.

Your designs sound amazing. I think you guys have a future there. Good luck with it. It could be a very good business to do from home.

Hope the back starts feeling better soon. *hugs* Glad we are still OK :)

Karen said...

Wow the invites sound awesome hun! Definitely a business line you two should look into! :)
Hope your back comes right soon...

Slim Suzy said...

Good luck with the Wedding Invitation business. Sounds great! Hope your back is much better today. Glad you are sounding so positive again. Take care.

Paulene's Journal Journey said...

Hey :)
Do you still want to be in the challenge?
I emailed you a week or two back with no response.
You've not submitted since wk5 and I am into wk 9 now?
Could you let me know either your stats that have been missed or that you no longer want to continue so that I can award wk 5's biggest loser etc.

Cheers P

Anne said...

Hi CM - hope that your back soon comes right. Pleased to hear you are sounding more like yourself:)