Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Weigh in today!

My morning started off well.....

I felt fat this morning.. I felt grumpy...got to the gym at 9am and felt like OMG the trainer is always late! But we did the bike and then the rower and stairs and the fluid cycle... it was great. Before we started I showed our trainer my January face photo compaired to my September face photo and she was amazed... it made me feel good. I look at them and can't really see a difference apart from the fact that I am smiling in the September one. So she showed it to another trainer and they said they wanted to put it up to show everyone. OMG I was feeling like my heart was going to jump out of my chest... nervous. But said Ok.

They put it on the board just as you go into the class.... SHAME. Well after the toning class came out some of the ladies came over to say how great it was and I felt really weird.. I don't know if I like hearing compliments like that. I felt like my face was going all red!!! but in a way it was a nice boost for me and was happy once it happened because I sometimes feel like I am being judged when I am in the gym... like hmmm like "oh my god you are big girl what took you so long to do this" and like they are looking at me like I have only just started coming to the gym when I haven't. I want people to know the changes sometimes because I do feel like I am putting in some hard work. It might not look like it because I do have a lot to lose but I have lost 21.5 kilos.

(((((OHHHH YEAH forgot to tell you I went in for my weigh in and I gained 300grams... but that is ok because I have my monthly and I am not too worried because all the hard work I have put in this week will show up next week!.))))) I always gain on my monthly week.

Anyway back to the gym. I had to throw the dice again for the snakes and ladders challenge on at the gym and bloody hell if I didn't get another challenge... geesh I have thrown the dice 5 times and had a challenge 4 times now grrrr.. So I did 100 crunches and 20 girly push ups grrrr.

Kris suggested we did a challenge today and I agree!! I just want us to do it together and actually finish it.. but I want to finish it to know that I have achieved something. So we are going to work out something so that we can do this....

I went out to lunch with some old work mates and it was a good time.

Went back to my old work and I haven't seen them since I had lost 15 kilos and they were just saying so many compliments on how good I was looking and happy that it was a real big boost for me. It feels like a real boost and that I am feeling more confident in myself and I want to achieve things.

The last thing I have to say is THANKS Kris for being my gym buddy and my friend and for going on this journey!! It wouldn't be as much fun without you.

Bye bye


michelle said...

Just hold your head up high when you get compliments because you deserve them and you have earned them.

M said...

Ditto what Michelle said (always thought she was a clever one) :)

Have another great day tomorrow

Karen said...

Ditto to both M and Michelle - you sure do deserve those compliements hun cause you have worked damn hard and you are looking really good! :)
And like you said... that WEE gain will be gone next week - I do love the power of positive thinking (just have to remember to do it myself at times).

Felicity said...

ditto on the ditto's I am proud to know u and am imspired by your attitude and determination...I wish I was closer so we could gym together also...considered moving but perhaps island jumping is a bit drastic move.

Leighanne said...

You are doing so great - and deserve all those compliments!!
I wish I could gym with you too :)

Me said...

Ditto on the dittos above !!!! You stand tall and you accept the compliments - you deserve every one of them !!!
Continue with your hard work and you will see the results rolling off you.
Take care and have a great week !

Jodie said...

Well done on your attitude towards your gain. It will definately show next week for sure. You have put in so much effort this week. Well done and continue the excellent work. XX

Emily said...

Have to say it - the fact that you allowed the photos to go on the notice-board is a sign that your confidence is improving! Well done, and congratulations again on everything you've achieved so far!

fattyboombastic said...

Awesome stuff CB! I am really inspired by your attitude towards everything. I could only imagine the red face after a work out, thats me right there too with the red face after a good workout. You are doing so well and just like you, I had a gain this week but you were on your monthly, whereas I just didn't track *eeekkk* lol!! You keep up sis with the good work, you've come so farrrrrr!! We'll get there eventually. Keep smiling!