Sunday, 9 October 2005


OMG I went to the gym this morning and thought I would get out of my comfort zone and go to a new class (ALL BY MYSELF ARGHHHH SCARY) so I did! I went to a Circut class OMG OMG OMG OMG I thought combat was hard but this made me work and work and work. It was fantastic afterwards but during I thought I was going to die he he he. They had spinning bikes in it and skipping ropes, kicking the boxing pads, steppers, weights, sit ups and more weights and also made us go outside (running down the stairs and out the front and running back up the stairs at the other end TWICE ARGGHHHH)

Got home and hubby was out and had left the kitchen in a right mess and the lounge I was ropeable so I ended up cleaning it all up before they got there.

We were babysitting for a friend today supposed to be from 1 till 4pm but she ended up bringing them over at 11.30 which was a little too early for my liking only because we had other things to do but hey what can ya do.

The kids got on really well and we took them all to the park to do some kite flying and now I am just exhausted as they just left at 4.20 and I now know there will be no more children for us!!! Hubby needs to get snipped I would just die having anymore children. The kids that were here were great and well behaved kids but trying to keep your eyes on more than 2 kids was driving me insane. ARGGHHHHHH

So now I have my two watching Madegasgar on DVD and I am in here on the computer. I needed some time away from them.

I have been really good with the food today too and had a surimi salad for lunch and it was DEVINE.

I know that I am going to gain this week but hey at least I am back on to it again. I just can't seem to find any nibbly stuff to keep me going as I am getting sick of hummus and rice crackers and nuts... and some of the other things I am eating. So if you have any ideas of something that doesn't take a lot to fix up for snacks I would appreciate it. I know I know fruit etc and yoghurt bla bla but I am bored with all of that.

I am going to Weight Watchers on Tuesday and my boss at work wanted to know if I would be mad if she joined me OMG a little freaked but not in a horrible way just that she isn't really a big person. I would say 75 kilos (which is what I want to be) but she isn't happy with her size and wants to do something about it so I said yes.... also feel a little freaked because she is my boss ya know? She is my age so it isn't like she is in her 50's or something and it feels weird just weird sort of he he he.

Well mum comes home at 6pm tonight and I must say I have missed her but things have been a little more relaxed around here like not fearing that we would make too much mess and she would complain or that she would just complain about anything and also not fearing that she is stuck in the house all week and I should take her shopping. And we actually slept in this morning too as Quinn decided that he wouldn't get up till 9am OMG that is a bloody miracle as both our boys tend to get up with the birds he he he.

My 20 kilo reward was to get my nails done but I haven't yet and a little scared to tell you the truth to go and get them done as it is a long time sitting still and then they last about 2 weeks until you have to go and get a back fill again and I don't really want to be spending money on the back fill every two weeks. Was thinking I might go and get them done just before we go to Melbourne (in 4 weeks woohoo) and then they are pretty for our trip away and I will decide when I get back whether or not I want to keep doing it. Yep I bite my nails amoungst all the other problems I have he he he and I have tried eveything to stop it but it is like a thing I do when I don't know I am doing it.... so after I have lost the weight I think I might concentrate on sorting out my nail biting... but one problem at a time he he he

Anyway I do feel like I have done so much exercise today and I am glad that I am back on track!!! OHHHH DEAR GOD I hope that I don't gain too much to be under the 20 kilos this week or I think I will just DIE!!

I am going to go and read some journals now!!! I am glad that I am finally getting back on track with the diary entries as I have missed them.

Love Chubbymum
P.S I still haven't gotten my laptop back yet but when I do I will update those photos and sort something out.


Helena said...

snacks ... hmmmmm - yoghurt, pita bread, fruit, soho crackers (salt n vinegar are devine!), corn thins with vegemite, dried apricots, fruit smoothie, ww muffins (pkt type you bake yourself), shaved ham or vegemite with tomatoe on cruskits, bowl of cornflakes with a banana & milk, banana & peanut butter on corn thins or toast - read labels and go for it hon :)

Felicity said...

great post.
Snack ideas
Fruit bread, Apricots and almonds, Toasted Soy nd Linseed bread with tblsp peanut butter(no salt no sugar, saniterium), sandwich made with p/nut butter and mxd fruit, frozen fruit juice. Keep up the great work.

M said...

Yep. No more than 2 children for me either. Went out to dinner and there were 4 children and even though there were 4 adults I just feel exhausted.

You hang in there and have a fantastic day :)

Jodie said...

Everyone has their bad days and if they didn't they wouldn't be human. Don't worry if you have a small gain this week. You seem to be in the right place now and that is what matters most. I understand about getting bored with the food but you need to put in the effort to find and try new and exciting things out of our cookbooks. It is all about adventure and the effort is worthwhile in the end. XX

Me said...

Well done for all the exercise and for getting back on track - good for you !!!
On the snack front - I'm not much help = I generally have fruit (fresh or dried), rice crackers, corn thins with oxo - not much help, sorry !
Have a great week !

fattyboombastic said...

Hi there! Keep up with the good exercising.. you're doing great. I have a feeling I will be gaining this week but I know where I went wrong and will be getting back on track like yourself. Snack ideas: WW crispbread with avocado, tomatoes, shaved ham or just a thin spread of vegemite on the crispbread is still yummy. Carrots with salsa is another goodie too.. Keep it up CM, you're on the right track!

fattyboombastic said...
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Karen said...

Great work on the exercise front hun especially tackling a new class by yourself!!! Sounds like you did a great job at it though.