Monday, 10 October 2005

Contract day

Today I went to my combat class and the trainer had decided to change the routine and almost kill me he he he (rofl) it was FANTASTIC I felt like I was on a high after the class. I did find that I had to change one of the things he did because I have still got problems with my knees and I when we were doing the doggy lifts (for the gluts) my knees were hurting. I did try the pads under my knees but after the class the stairs were killing me and since we have stairs in our house I was not going to put that much pressure on my knees again so I now lay on my side and lift my legs up in the air instead. I am all for doing exercise but if there is another way of doing it that won't ruin my knees then I am going to do it! Hey sometimes these people have to realise that I have almost 60 kilos on them and I have to lift more and there is also more pressure on my knees.

Kris didn't go to the class today as she had a little operation that she has to recover from and her doctor said two weeks till she can do the class so it was hard not having her there but she did go on the treadmill and the bike and then we met afterwards and sat downstairs and chatted for a half an hour. I really like our chat sessions and to just relax after the classes it was great.

At our little chats we had a really good open conversation and decided that we needed to have a little competition or something to keep our motivation. Something to keep Kris away from takeaways and for me to get this water down me as I am terrible with water. We are trying to work out a contract that we both have to sign and stick to it. It is going to be a month contract and we are going to do this. We feel that we have to get this sorted!! so by tomorrow hopefully we will be on our way. It is great to have a person doing the same thing and to have a little challenge.

Woohoooo I got my laptop fixed and back to me today! Wohooooo lets hope it stays that way.

Anyway I have my tracker on now if you want to see I have a link up above my weight watchers results. Please come have a look. But I must say the avocado for breakfast this morning wasn't a good thing! OUCH but then 26.5 points isn't bad when I get 25 a day and I also did exercise of 13 points.. but I don't always take them.

Anyway goodnight

Love Chubbymum


jak said...

Good on you CM, I totally agree with you on finding another exercise to do instead if it's hurting your knees. Definitely not worth it to ruin your knees!

Oooh, the contract you and Kris are thinking up sounds like a really good way to keep you accountable and motivated - awesome!

And yay for getting your laptop back! :)

Lynise said...

Hi there,
Have just recently found your site and have logged it into favourites. The 'contract' sounds like an awesome idea. I think I need to do something like that as well.

Sue said...

Well done with the contract - let us know how it goes.

Slim Suzy said...

Great idea to have the contract. Glad your PC is back with you. I agree you should be careful of your knees if they are hurting.

Emily said...

Your competition/contract sounds cool, its so good that you two are motivating each other like this.

Keep it up, and look after those knees :-)

Kris said...

Looking forward to the end of our challenge when I can eat out again. Good luck for weigh in you will do well and just think we worked really hard today at the gym with Liz. Look forward to seeing your result.

Jaxx said...

Good luck for weigh in - am still following your journey.
Will be doing a journal update hopefully in the next week, to let you know how I am doing and that will be the last one. Just waiting on a few things before I post so I can update you all :):)

Cheers Jaxx

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a good bit of competition to keep one motivated eh hon?

Good decision about the knees, like you said, its not an excuse, just an opportunity to do things differently! :) Keep up the great work mate :D