Monday, 3 October 2005

No gym today

I didn't go to the gym today.

I know I should have but I really didn't feel like it. My mother in law actually came and took the kids from 10.30 till 3pm today OMG it is like she is reading my diary or something.... freaky!!!

So I decided that I would go out shopping with my mum. I couldn't afford to go out shopping that is for sure but I felt like I needed to spend some money so I did OUCH. $100 dollars later I came back with some nice dressy pants (with a flower sequin on the bottom of each pants leg and a lovely top to go with it) I have never NEVER been able to find some pants to fit that were dressy pants and not stretch pants that didnt look like they were going to strangle my legs before and I felt quite sexy in them. I also found a really nice flowy pink top I like too that made me feel really feminine but decided that I wouldn't get that as well he he. It just felt really good to go into the shop and see a 26 in pants and be able to fit them with a little bit of room. Not that I want too much room in them as I am going to be losing some more weight but when I showed my mother in law she said they were nice and I have to have clothes that actually fit me now and I am happy with even though they might not last that long so that was good.

It was nice not having the kids for a while.

I am still not talking to my husband that much other than yes or no (and certainly not showing it in front of the kids) but he seems to think that he can come in and say I love you and things just go away. I give in everytime we have a disagreement and he says that and that is it. We never solve the problem we had in the first place and this time I decided I was not just going to let it slide... so that is the situation with that at the moment.

Had my friend Rebecca here for the afternoon with her kids and OMG the noise. Not that it was just her kids because it was certainly mine as well but I have a major headache after it. I sort of wished they would have gone to lollipops so that we could still talk and they could have played... but that wasn't to happen today ho hum.

So now they have gone I have the most terrible headache and I have had enough of the kids screaming and I WANT MY LAPTOP BACK arggghhhhhhh because then I wouldn't have to be in the boys playroom with the old computer driving me insane.

I can't wait for Wednesday to wear my new outfit to work and feel good in it. I have to buy some nice shoes to go with it next he he he that is going to be a while before that happens.

Food wise I have been ok and not over done it. I had an egg sandwich for breakfast and I had a chicken panini with mushrooms and a V when I went out to town with Mum so that was ok too. I haven't had anything else but that.

I went to the gym yesterday and did a really good work out so I don't feel too bad about not going to the gym today but I will go tomorrow and I am doing a combat class on Wednesday night and will try and go Thursday and Friday to make up for it all.

Anyway... keep well everyone
Love Chubbymum


Felicity said...

great food choices and well done on the new pants u will look real swish. Knock ém dead girl. Hugs

Karen said...

Yay for shopping sprees!!! Gotta love them - I'm having one this weekend all going to plan! :)
Great food choices too whilst out and about.
Sending ya positive vibes for weigh in this week hun!

PS As for men I so know what you are saying!!! GRRRR to them at times!

Anonymous said...

YAY for the shopping and finding clothes that you like and make you feel good !!!!
Good food choices as well plus your gym yesterday - you really are working so hard to get to your 20kg mark - well done !
Have a great week and take care !

jak said...

Oh, yay for shopping! It's so awesome getting some new clothes, especially in smaller sizes! :)