Wednesday, 26 October 2005


My morning started off a bit sad because I didn't get enough sleep I think. Also my ankle and my knee were swollen this morning. I think I have overdone it! I haven't had that since I was pregnant with my boys. I decided this morning that I wasn't going to the kickboxing class tonight that I would give my knee a rest.

Work was ok today.

After I picked up Corbin from school I came home and got a phone call from Tania to come over and jump in the paddling pool to cool down. So Corbin and I did!! It was a really nice relaxing afternoon. We had a rum and coke and the kids had enough after a while.... and they left Tanya and I in the pool relaxing wohoooo.

Only 1 week and 5 days till our holiday... OMG I cannot wait.

I think I might go to bed early and read a book tonight. I would like to get back into reading again.



kathrynoh said...

Sounds like a great way to spend the day. Resting is the best thing you can do sometimes - I'm just starting to learn that.

Jaxx said...

OMG those holidays are coming around fast - lucky you!!!!!!

You are so sounding so positive and pumped lately, better get my butt into gear to catch up with you LOL.

Cheers Jaxx :):)

Kate said...

Resting sounds like a good idea! And yum, rum and coke! I haven't had one for years, but would love one now that I just read that! Lol - no alcohol for me for the next year or so!

Felicity said...

could do with a padldling pool here tonight and a bottle of rum would be handy and i don;t even drink

Helena said...

mmmmmmm rum & coke ... now theres an idea ... OMG leenie stop! What am I thinking ;) LOL well done on listening to your body and chilling out for a day - rock on sista :D