Sunday, 23 October 2005

OMG Sore Sore Sore Sore Sore

OMG what a day and it went reallllllly fast.

I woke up at 8am this morning and rang Kris to say come on let's go to the gym. She said she was still in bed... and I wasn't he he he he. She said her step brother from Auckland was down and I said bring him along.

So I picked them up and went to the gym........ well!!!! well!!! is all I can say this guy almost killed us he he he he. He got us into a program! He is a gym instructor up in Auckland and how I understood it he does one on one training... so he worked our little backsides off.

Up and down the flights of stairs and running back up the stairs. He showed us pilate moves (ARGHHHHHH) and showed us how to use the machines properly where it was making the right muscles move. I was so sore doing it but I was pushing myself to the limit. Kris was complaining it was sore all the way through he he he he and egging him on... but she was ok.

We did stepper steps and squats in a funny way he he he where you had a medicine ball (8 kgs) and had to do squats with your backside sticking out. We did the bike and rower (wohooo he got Kris back on the rower). I wish that he would do a weekly program for us and email it down.. I tell you it made us work so hard! The hour went so fast but my thighs were in agony by the time that the last stair climb happened and he made me go faster OMG.

After I had dropped them off I came home and had a shower and it was time for them to come over and my friend Aroha & Danny and their kids from Wellington turned up too for a BBQ.

It was a fantastic day weather wise (we had to have sunblock on). Had the chairs and umbrealla's up and the adult swing.

We had a BBQ and played swing ball (boy that hurt after all the muscles we used this morning) I bed Kris on the swingball and we couldn't stop laughing. We also had a couple of games of petanque, boys against girls and it was really good.

The thing is is that there was 16 of us in all and the there was 8 kids and they played so well together. It was the first time ever that I have had friends over and I didn't fear the kids were going to get into everything. I was relaxed the whole day and it was a pity that they left in a way but I think everyone was getting tired. I am so glad that I had my two good friends and their families over today! It was really good.


On top of all the exercise in the morning and the full on day...... hubby, me, and the two boys went for a 40 minutes walk with the kids on their bikes after everyone went home. It was good but I was totally shagggged when I got back. Now I am going to update and then read others blogs and go to bed. I think I have had a big full on day.

Love ya all


Helena said...

woohoo YOU ROCK!

Karen said...

Wow what a full on fantastic day you had hun! Awesome exercise and lots of fun!
And ditto to Helena - YOU DO ROCK!

Slim Suzy said...

Sounds like a fun day! That was so good to get some tips from the fitness instructor. Good to learn how to use the machines properly. Hope he does send you a weekly program!

Me said...

WOOHOOOOOO - sounds like you had such a great day - good for you !!!! You deserve to have great days and have good things happen to you !
Keep it up and take care !

Philippa said...

Sounds like you had a great day! It's great to let the hair down and enjoy yourself - good on you. Hope you enjoy the rest of the week just as much!

Jodie said...

WOO HOO to all that gym work. That will really help with the scales at this weeks weigh in. Well done.XX

Leighanne said...

Well done on all that exercise and fun aswell:)

Kate said...

Well done on all your hard work, that's awesome!!

I may be totally off track here, hehe, but is that Aroha and Danny from Mitre 10 dream home? Because if it is, I love them!! I loved their house etc the best and I really really wanted them to win! Lol, and if it's not them, then I just made a complete dick of myself, hehe!