Monday, 24 October 2005

Full on day again!! OMG addicted

I think I must be addicted to this thing called EXERCISE!!! Arghhhh now who would of ever thought. Anyone that has known me for years KNOWS that the E word was a bad word he he he but today... we went for a 2 hour walk with the kids and then played Frisbee with the kids at the lake.

It was a great walk but was it ever hot!!! I think that I am feeling a little over sunned today he he he but face is feeling hot and I am feeling like I overdid the exercise. It was great to have a family day and to go out with the kids. They were on their scooter and bike and we walked! There were so many people out with their kids today and we laughed so much.

I feel pumped!!

Just got off the phone with Kris and I just want to get through to her!! The girl is doing SOOOO well with the exercise she is just an inspiration...but is falling through with the food (sorry Kris) but I was wondering if you guys could help me as I really like my new friend Kris!!! I want to support her and get her through this... Kris is funny and friendly and supportive with me and I want to show her that she can do this!! and that she should have some faith in herself and just go for it... because like I said a couple of posts ago "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" I said to her on the phone that I was going to post 900 grams 900 grams 900 grams... because there is only 900 grams now between us (in losses not in weight he he).

I am only saying this in here because sometimes when I say things they don't come across right when saying it to her... I see Kris coming out of her shell when she loses weight and when she is going to the gym. It is great and I would love to go this journey with her too, even if I am 25 kilos heavier than her.

So how can I help my friend... and I know the old saying that "you can't make someone do something they aren't ready for" I reakon she is and if you asked her she would say she is too!! Just... oh I don't know.. maybe I am being harsh? We had a contract with each other that I would drink 2 litres a day and she would keep away from the takeaway but she lasted only a week and a half... I am still going!!! Because I don't want to break the contract.... and 25 kilos here I come and 900 grams to get to her loss HERE I COME!!! (now that wasn't being nasty that was me teasing Kris as I have said it over the phone).

I have my weigh in tomorrow and I also have my bloody period!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR so I will gain tomorrow and that sucks to the max as I don't want to gain... I have 900 grams to get to Kris's loss he he he

KRIS love ya girl!

So come on ladies and gents send me some comments on how I can help my friend!! and me too!!

Love Chubbymum


Helena said...

you are just adorable. Kris will be inspired by your enthusiasm, so you just make sure YOU keep YOUR enthusiasm and the rest of us will follow YOUR lead :D

Michelle said...


Where in Melbourne will you be staying while on holidays?

Michelle (Brelle)

kathrynoh said...

Maybe Kris could make a pact to call you whenever the urge to buy takeaways strikes.

Or maybe you could steal her purse so she can't afford to buy them - that would work :)

M said...

So good to see you pumped and getting into it. The little tricks taught by Kris's b-i-l will really help when you are working out.

Have a great day CM. Keep up the awesome effort.

Leighanne said...

You are such a great friend!
Good on you for enjoying your exercise:)