Thursday, 29 September 2005

Slack Cow!!! is the word of the day

Well I haven't updated and I am getting sooooo pissed off with myself because the updates are there every night. But our other computer is sooooo slow going on it makes me angry by the time I finish.

So anyway I went for my weigh in on Tuesday and I only had 500 grams to go and I lost 200grams... can ya believe it... I mean I didn't have any lollies or cakes or stuff thrown at me at the birthday party etc but I managed to only lose 200 grams. Well at least I lost and that is fantastic, and bearing in mind I had my monthly too so hey.

So I have 300 grams to go to I reach the 20 kilos and I can have my nails done.

I went last night and did another class with Kris and it was fantastic. I tried to convince Kris to go to the Combat class before we left but she just wanted to do some cardio and then go and have a spa..... so when we got there Crusher said "come and try out my class you haven't tried out the combat class that I do" so I had to convince her he he he he but she loved it and so did I. I really felt like I had worked some muscles that the Monday morning class doesn't get OUCH!

The last two days I have been on a MYOB course and it has taken a lot out of me and I have been coming home quite stressed and then go to the gym so that I don't feel so angry and tired and it has worked... but tonight I just couldn't do another gym session. I have been Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and two classes were in there.... and I am going again tomorrow afternoon. I reckon 4 to 5 times a week is enough.

I have to get over that 20 kilos tomorrow. You know I can't believe I have come this far and I don't actually notice it too much apart from being more energetic with my family now.

But it seems unreal. Even my hubby was saying that he didn't think I would stick it out as I have tried so many times. I am finding going to the gym with Kris is helping as we edge each other on and I tend to want to stick to it and the competition of trying to catch up to her (he he he sorry Kris) is definatly keeping me going as I want to get to her 22.9 kilos... not far Kris not far... I am catching up you better start running he he he he.

Anyway I have to read some journals... so bye everyone and a big hug from me

P.S I was supposed to put an updated photo on but I don't have my program on this stupid computer to do that and I want it to be the same as the others so only another 1 week to go (cross fingers).


Felicity said...

A great big good luck for weigh in. You can do it girl. You and Kris both inspire me so much. Go girls.

Me said...

Well done on the loss because a loss is a loss is a loss !! You are so close I am sure you will be there next weigh in !!!
Don't stress over the MYOB stuff - mail me if you have any questions and I will help you with it as it is a programme that I use all the time.
Jeez but you make me tired when I read about all the gym that you do - good for you !
Take care, have a great weekend and be good - the results will show up, sometimes you just need to be patient (I know that isn't easy for any of us because we want the weight off and we want it off NOW !!!)

Emily said...

Remember what they say - slow and steady wins the race!! You're doing great and the rewards will all be yours soon enough :-)

M said...

Whooo Hoooo CM. So close to that 20kgs mark. I feel you and I are linked in some way. I know that we have completely different totals to lose, but we have so many similarities and I only have 400gms to go to the 20kgs mark as well.

I am so in awe of the efforts you go to in your gym work. You are building a great healthy strong body, and as you lose your weight the muscle and definition that is hiding underneath is just going to jump out at you. It will be one of those weird things when it will suddenly appear as if out of no-where.

So you keep working on that hidden body of yours and we'll keep watching for it. You are doing so so well.

Hope you have a fabulous happy day :)

Jodie said...

Well done on your loss and as you said be happy with that. It isn't going to make that much difference on the overall so take it and hopefully next week you will get over that 20kg mark with leaps and bounds!!! XX

A Girl Running said...

your doing great and you will be over that 20 kilos in no time...if not already.

I have heard that MYOB is a bit of a headache!

Looking forward to the updated photo

Have a great weekend

Leighanne said...

Well done on your loss ~ good luck for next week!!

Anne said...

Yep they are right - a loss is a loss! So close though and you will be there real soon. Have a fun weekend.

Helena said...

Nice work mate! A fit healthy body is the best ticket for feeling great :)

missjesse said...

You are doing really well. Don't ever throw in the towel now cause you are creating some lasting habits and you are an inspiration to those of us who can't get it together just yet ;)


Slim Suzy said...

A loss is still a loss and you will make it next week, so don't worry. You are doing really well. Sorry your computer is driving you nuts.

fitcat said...

Even if you don't get there, it doesn't take away from the amazing effort you have made and the huge amount of weight that you have lost already! Fingers crossed for you though and yay for the gym :D