Thursday, 15 September 2005



I had to have yesterday off to think about my situation and what I am going to do.

I know I have to keep up with this and thank you for all your notes... it is just sometimes I find that I am depriving myself and doing lots of exercise and still there is no results.

So I have been talking to Kris and wow she has been a big help to sound off too that is for sure. So we are sending each other our trackers so that I can keep honest as well as I can see what she is eating for her to lose the weight she has been losing as maybe I am doing something really wrong and don't know what it is. I have to thank you Kris that is for sure as you have made me think that I can do this and I am doing the exercise and I am tracking but it will take a bit for my body to realise it.

My life feels like one joy ride at the moment....

Today I went to work and then after work I had to take Corbin to ANOTHER birthday party and then I have to pick him up and then go to the parent/teacher interviews and then I have a website business meeting.... arghhhhh and between all that I have to cook dinner and feed the kids and get them to bed.

In the next 2 weeks I have to take Corbin to 7 birthday parties 7777777777777 argghhhhh I feel like a taxi driver that is for sure. He has a soccer pot luck dinner and prize giving on Friday night, Plus he has his Soccer Tournament on Sunday (for the whole day). I am trying to fit in my gym with everything and I am finding it hard!! I don't want to give up my times and I want to get back to it. I haven't been to the gym since Tuesday and it feels like withdrawals that is for sure.

I feel motivated this week after getting the new program and it sort of feels like Kris and I have a little competition on with each other but I know that she is going to lose way more than me as I cannot seem to lose as much as she does. But it is keeping me going... I don't know if it will if she gets too far away from me he he he but I have to keep going and not let it worry me.

I felt good today. I wore a black skirt and black top. The skirt is floaty and I found a necklace (beaded) that I used to wear when I was a teenager and it looks good on it. It is funny how jewellery comes back. I even got asked if I had changed my hair. I think it was just the whole ensemble today and not just the hair. I haven't had my hair done in like 8 weeks and I really have to get some dye and get it sorted. I need a change to perk me up I reakon.

I am not going to let these gains get to me anymore. I have to lose this and I am going for it.

It feels really weird that my brother in law is coming home next friday. He has been gone for 2 years and I was hoping that I would have enough weight off that he would notice. I don't think he will.

When we went out on Saturday night with some friends (that we hadn't seen since March this year) they didn't notice... or if they did they didn't say and they usually say. But I must say that Kris came out with us and she said that she thought that I had lost weight and the outfit I was wearing showed that I had lost weight... so that put me on a high when she said that..... wow it feels good to have a friend again that is going through the same thing...even though she is 29 kilos less than me ho hum. That is a lot when you look at that figure but I will get it off... I have gone from 153.7 to 136.2 and that I didn't think would happen this year so I have to keep reminding myself of that.

My boss is sending me on a MYOB course too woooohooooo. I asked her today and she said that was a fantastic idea and so I have to check out Wintec and see when and where etc... yayyyyy another thing to go on my C.V.

Well another book from me tonight he he he... will catch up with you tomorrow night...

Love ya all


Slim Suzy said...

You have come a long way already. Sometimes people don't like to comment in case they offend you. MYOB is great! Great that you are going to do a course.

Kris said...

We can do this and if I do get ahead of you I will be making sure that you are following me all the way. Remember I went through what you are going through for 10 weeks and let you catch me and now I am at the end of that long dark tunnel and going into the light so you can do it too and I will be with you all the way.

Queen said...

Do your hair, treat yourself! You deserve it -- all that running around and stuff... I'm sure you looked stunning in your black outfit! I'm glad you sorted things out -- you're going thru a rough patch, but keep at it and don't be so hard on yourself. You'll get thru it, you've got the determination!

jak said...

You've come so far already. Maybe your body is just plateauing a little as it adjusts to the exercise. You can definitely do this!

That's awesome about the MYOB course, too. :)

Karen said...

Yes always remember how far you have come hun!!! You have done a tremendous job and you will acheive your loss and we are all right here with you every step of the way!!! BUT YOU CAN AND YOU WILL DO THIS!

M said...

You have a sensational attitude. Yes be annoyed that the weight is not coming off - it will only make you more determined. And you are doing so well. Tracking, gyming, working and being a taxi driver LOL. No wonder your poor body gets confused sometimes. it doesn't know what it is supposed to be.

You can do this. Have a great weekend :)

Felicity said...

hope u r feeling a little better now. look after yourself and time for some pampering, you sure as hell deserve it. Hope u weren't one of the ones hit by the tornado last night just seen it on the news and thought of u and Kris

Tricia said...

Hey Hun, I'm so proud of you. Love always Trix

Lee-Anne said...

So glad you've perked up. You will get there. Good idea for you and Kris to swap trackers. Sometimes something that is so obvious to others slips right on by us. Don't get down, start getting excited.

Taxi Driver - hun, as the song says, you've only just begun lol.