Tuesday, 13 September 2005

Feeling alive and refreshed.

This morning took my son to school and I was so tired and my mind didn't want to go to the gym. Got there and thought I better get on that rowing machine and it will get me going.

I didn't want to be there.... sigh but Kris was getting her program looked at (which I should have done last week) but I didn't have enough time after weighing in and measurements. Which I am glad I did last week he he he it put me on a high.

But anyway Liz (our trainer) was talking to Kris and Kris was giving her a hard time he he he (nicely) and said that Liz was being too hard so I said to Liz "I will keep her on track don't you worry" and said to her "I wouldn't mind doing Kris's new program" as I was bored with mine and so now Kris and I have the same program and today was fantastic going through it... it was good because I tend push more when I have someone doing the same thing. I reakon that it will be good for Kris and I.... so this is what we did today but we have to do 20 minutes on the Treadmill and Bike to make up time but the work out has got my backside and arms sore today he he he

I love it!!!!

15 minutes on Rower
15 minutes on Treadmill
3 x 15 squats with 4 kg weights
3 x 12 (sitting on ball) arm curls
3 x 15 Laying on back lifting bum holding for 3 secs then down
3 x 12 Laying on side leg lifts
3 x 12 Arm curls with machine
3 x 12 step ups with 4kg weights
3 x 12 on machine arm push outs (don't know what they are called he he)
3 x 12 on machine arm pull ins
5 minutes on water bike for arms level 3
(should have done 15 minutes on bike but was there for an hour and a half already).

I am so glad I am back at the gym again! I am scared to get sick again as it takes a lot away. I am getting back to the level I was before I got sick 4 weeks ago. I also don't want to overdo it or it will get me back to where I was before exhausted. 4 days a week is enough for me.

I am scared about the weigh in tonight!!! Really scared!!! I think I have kept to it and I have tracked but then I do think my choices could have been better too. But I have kept within my points.

Anyway I will update later on tonight.

UPDATE: I gained 100 grams. I am angry!! because I did track and I did exercise and I know all about the it will show up next week. Well three weeks in a row gaining has just pissed me off no end and I am going to have a weeks break on the diary just to get my head out of this weight thing and then try again. I am not giving up just angry!! really angry!!! at myself too because I know I could have had this F***en 20 kilos by now... 3 weeks ago I had only 1.2 to go!!! 1.2 and I have to get my motivation back again.




Emily said...

Good luck for tonight!! And remember, it was Birthday Week - any results are justified!!

Great stuff with your gym work, you're doing really well :-)

Karen said...

*big hugs* hun... please don't be angry at yourself for this small gain! You have been sick and are now returning to "normal" and you have had birthday celebrations as well... so I am sure next week you will do brilliantly and get an excellent result!
We love you and are here for you!!!
Will catch up real soon

Me said...

Oh CM - hang in there. You have had birthday celebrations - you have had a birthday and you have been sick.
100g is just a piddle on the way to weigh in - there are so many reasons it went up - did you eat a heavier lunch - did you have a drink that you didn't piddle out before you weighed.
Don't be too hard on yourself. Get back on track and get focussed on what you want to achieve and don't let anything stop you achieving your goal - you can do it - you know you can.
We are here for you - just yell out !
Take care and look after yourself - hope you feel better soon.
Lotsa hugs to you !

Slim Suzy said...

Your gym work may have made the scales go up slightly. Just keep up the wonderful work you have been doing and the scales will show it. They have to. You have been doing the right things. You have some so far.

Emily said...

100gm is nothing! Hope your week off helps you to see the bigger picture - you've still lost 18 kilos... that is heaps!!!! Take it day by day, you will get there and you will have a GREAT week!!

Missy said...

Exercising will affect the scales. Muscle mass is much heavier than fat. That's why, if you recall, I started measuring myself monthly. A small gain is easy to lose once you're on the path, and you are. Just don't lose focus, keep up with that absolutely delicious training program and lots of rest, water and vitamins to recover from your illness. Remember, sleep is important for weight loss!

Helena said...

I'm not surprised you are pissed off mate, I'd be pissed off too ... I am pissed off for ya! It seems you work your arse off and the scales do that to you ... its just not fair! Hang in there mate, I'm feelin for ya.

jak said...

Hey chubbymum - so sorry to hear you had another gain. It can be so demoralising, and I can totally understand why you're angry.

Today is a new day, and you know what? More important than any number on the scale is that you're back at the gym and working hard to make your life and body much healthier.

Queen said...

Hang in there girl. You'll get thru this. Take a breather, then come back tougher. We believe in you and we feel your struggle.

Jaxx said...

Hey finally got a chance to catch up with journals (have Chris home sick)... Bugger about the gain :(. I am below the 20 kilo loss as well after a gain this week. Difference is, I deserved mine.

Chin up and keep smilin :)