Monday, 19 September 2005

Haven't been ignoring you

Hey everyone.

I haven't been ignoring everyone! I can't charge my battery on my laptop. The one I brought last week wasn't doing the job and apparently the guy at the shop gave me the wrong one grrrrr so now my laptop isn't working and I have borrowed a friends computer so that I can update and say I am still here and I am tracking and I am going to the gym. I have been Saturday, Sunday and I am going this afternoon.

I was supposed to go this morning to the gym with Kris but when I got dressed and ready to go my youngest (Quinn) got so upset and was sobbing with big breaths.... now keep in mind he doesn't do that sort of thing EVER as he just let's me go and knows I will be back but this morning he was so upset and said that he wanted to spend time with me so I decided I would go this afternoon and let mum look after both boys. So Quinn and I had a day out together we went for morning tea (NO I didn't have anything but a coffee) and Quinn had a chocolate macaroon and a drink then I took him to lollipops and he enjoyed himself so much. Normally I wouldn't let him think that I would do anything just because he crys but today he was generally upset and it was good to spend some time with him.

So I am going to go and get my son from school now and hopefully tomorrow I will get a chance to update at a friends place..... unless my hubby can connect up the computer (not my laptop) at home to the internet.... we have got a modem for it but haven't installed it and plus we have to sort out the jetstream thing he he he so if he gets that going then I am back online.

I had such a good workout last night at the gym. I went through the new program and pushed myself to the limit and upped my cardio by 5 minutes on the bike and the treadmill and the recumbant bike. I was so proud. Not sure if I will lose tomorrow night but I am not worried that much as I have tracked and I have been doing the exercise and as people say I might be putting on muscle etc and it will take a few weeks to notice.

Hubby said that I can get my nails done when I reach the 20 kilos... I said yeah I might he said "There is no might I will take ya butt down there he he" so that was nice. I tend to make goals and things I can get and end up that the bills get paid first. I refuse to spend that much money on myself unless the bills are paid... and I don't like a whole lot on HP or credit cards because in the long run we will always be strapped for money and it gets harder and harder... so this time he said he is not taking "I'll do it later" for an answer woohooo for a good hubby.


I so miss the comments and I soooooooooooooooooo miss checking out my email and my diary.. So I can't wait till I get my laptop up and running.



Me said...

Am pleased to hear that it is the computer that is keeping you away and nothing else !
Good on hubby for saying he will take you down to get your nails done when you reach you 20kg mark - too many times Mom's/wives put themselves at the end of the line for things !
Take care and have a great week - sounds like you are really motivated to keep going - well done !

Emily said...

Hope your computer is up and running soon, it must be tough without your support network online!

I agree with Linda, you should definately reward yourself and not hold back because of money :-)

Helena said...

Hi ya chick, yep still here waiting for ya - good on you for being a great mum, he would have loved that time with ya! And extra congrats on being so on target with tracking and gym work! :) Like the attitude!

M said...

We have missed you as well. We get so used to having all this technology at our fingertips that when it is gone we miss it so much.

Make sure you do reward yourself from time to time. It validates that you are doing a brilliant job and gives you a lift.

Have a great day :)

Karen said...

Glad to see an update - was getting a bit worried hun! Well done for being so motivated and on track - you rock!
And spending time with your wee darling must have been great :) You are a wonderful mum!

Slim Suzy said...

Glad to hear everything is going well. What a pain about your charger. Good luck with weigh in.

Anne said...

It was great that you and your son had time together. Treat yourself to the nails! I did and don't think I could be without them now - love them!!

Anne said...

It was great that you and your son had time together. Treat yourself to the nails! I did and don't think I could be without them now - love them!!

jak said...

Great to hear from you, CM! It must be hard not being online, I know I hate it when it's only for a couple of days! Definitely need to treat yourself to your nails reward at 20kg, you deserve it! :)

Queen said...

YEAH!!!! YIPPEE!! :)