Sunday, 25 September 2005

2 weeks argghhhhhh

Hi everyone.

Well this weekend has been a busy one for me.

Thursday night/Friday Morning 2am we had an hour and 1/2 drive to get up to Auckland to pick up my brother in law from the airport as he was coming home after been away 2 years. It was great to see him and it was an emotional time as my mother in law just hugged and hugged him (her favourite son). We got home at 4am and chatted for a while and then had to get up at 8am to take the boys to school and creche. Then the morning was spent making Quinn's birthday cake (Sponge Bob Square pants) and wow 2 1/2 hours later I had finally finished Woohoooooooo last cake for a year woohoooo.

Saturday was Quinns 4th birthday party and we decided to have it at McDonalds as he really wanted to have one at McDonalds. He had 2 girls and 4 boys and was enjoying himself so much as everyone brought him presents and he got face painted and blowing of bubbles and pinning the eyes on the bird game.

BLONDE was there with her son and it didn't turn out too badly. He has now got glasses just like Corbin (go figure) they are identical. Sometimes I wonder about her aye!! anyway!

Well on to the weight situation. I didn't go to the gym yesterday as we had the party on but after the party the boys and I went and flew kites. It was fantastic running up and down with the kites in the air. I pushed play he he he he and so what that I didn't go to the gym.

Today was a different story though I tried to go the gym and went there about 2pm and the doors were locked but the sign said that is should be open. It was quite freaky really and it pissed me off know end so I will be complaining tomorrow that is for sure. So I didn't really get the exercise done today but I have done the groceries and I have been out the back playing swing ball with the kids.

I have been quite depressed lately without my laptop and hubby got this old computer up and running and now on internet (but not my jetstream ho hum) and so I can up date... but it is going to be 2 weeks before I can use my laptop as the power adaptor has to go up to get fixed or to get another and since it is a 6.3 amp (which is highter than most) then I might have to wait for one to come over from the USA.... grrrrr. I can tell you the lady at the counter where we brought it got an ear full from me and hubby (and hubby is a very quiet reserved man so that was suprising).... it is like I am going through withdrawals or something like I am addicted. Which I must admit I am addicted to my blog and you guys. I miss you so much and I keep thinking that you are going to stop reading me if I don't hurry up and update.

Anyway I am going to update with a little more a little later on (hubby is screaming at me that dinner is ready) as I want to put some up dates of my progress photos (if I manage to get this computer going properly grrrr)

I still can't believe I have lost 19.5 kilos IT IS AMAZING that I have stuck to this journey. SE YA SOON.


Emily said...

Wow, Quinn's cake looks great! Aren't you clever!

I would be annoyed about the gym being closed too, grrr!

19.5kg is fantastic, you're doing so well - keep it up :-) And of course we will keep reading!

Helena said...

I'm still here! :D Gee you are a busy lady! :)

Karen said...

Wow love the cake hun - you are so talented in many different areas! :)

I would be having words to the gym too if I was you - keep us posted on that one.

And yes 19.5 kilos is fantastic! YOU ROCK! And we will always be here for ya! Though I do miss your regular updates but totally understand computer problems! :)

Have a good week.

Me said...

What a great cake - well done you clever thing !!!
Glad to hear the birthday went well and all the exercise you got flying kites - good for you. Totally understand how you feel without a computer - I would be lost. And don't worry - we will be here for you when you do get back up and running - we wouldn't want to not find out how you are doing.
Take care and have a great week !

Queen said...

The cake is WONDERFUL... I hope you saved me a piece?

Sorry to hear about the delay on the adapter. I would seriously be having withdrawl shakes and stuff from not having internet access... which isn't something I like saying, but unfortunately, it's true.

Thanks for visiting and for commenting! As always congrats on your continued Journey!!

Anne said...

Great job with the cake! It sounds as you all had fun!

I was without our computer for 2 days recently - it drove me mad!!

You are doing so well - keep up your fanstastic work:)

Felicity said...

u never said if your brother in law noticed I know u have been hopeing he would. And unless he is blind he should have gee nearly 20 k no one can miss noticing. Have u tried carrying 2 bags of spuds girl that is bloody heavy. I can't lift my spud weight now.hehehe. It is a good mind thing.

A Girl Running said...

OMG you actually made that cake? wow, I am very impressed.

who is BLONDE? I better do some back reading thru your blog and see what i have missed out on

Jodie said...

Losing weight is all about getting out and moving more and you are certainly doing that. If you don't get to the gym then it's not like you are falling off the wagon cause you are getting out there and playing, becoming more active in other ways and it's all good!!! Well done!!! XX