Wednesday, 7 September 2005

Non day

OMG wanted to start this diary entry off then had an argument with my mum.... yep silly huh. We are watching some comedies on tv and she says "anything decent on tonight" and hubby looked at her and I said "murder mysteries" that is all she watches... we are totally getting sick of murder mysteries!!! TOTALLY... that is all she wants to watch and if they aren't on she gets moody and walks out..

Ok that was my gripe for the day.... I just would like to watch anything but murder mysteries on tv it is getting on my nerves.

Work was a non today!

I started my tracking today and I sucked!! I was 2 points over only because my mother had made dinner tonight and put cheese sauce on the veges argghhhhhh. I took most of it off but it was lathered grrr. That is ok I don't usually have my exercise points so I will make it up in the rest of the week. It is only my first day of the week.

My hubby phoned me at work today and said... do you want a suprise or would you like to choose your birthday present? I said "why" he said because he has a couple of things he wants to buy but scared that it might not be what I want for my birthday... he he he makes me laugh. He never usually gets me birthday presents unless I have said what I want specifically... I said to him that he can choose as long as he keeps the receipt just in case it doesn't fit or isn't right... I am not too sure what he had on his list... he also knows I am terrible with secrets but I wanted one this year..... I am going to be 35 ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I feel soooo old 35, kids, married, mortgage, job, bills... so sad.

My brother in law is coming home on the 23rd September. I so hope he notices a difference in me but if he is like any other male (and he is) then he isn't going to notice. OMG I am wanting someone I haven't seen in ages to notice!!! I think I need that boost like something is changing or something ya know.

I am so cold tonight and I have been getting annoyed with my watch today as it is getting too big on my wrist.

ARGHHHHHHHHH I am so nibblish at the moment and all I want to do is eat. Yes I know there are things that are 0 points but there is nothing in the cupboards here till shopping day on Saturday and it is FRUSTRATING me no end... I suppose that is why I am online doing a long post because I want to get my mind off the fact that I want something yummy to eat.... and sick of sipping water.

Ok you have had enough yep yep yep

Love ya all


Helena said...

omg ... when is your birthday mate? I'm 35 in a few weeks :o scarey stuff huh? WOOHOO ... 35, feeling great n lookin fine *wink* so you are a libran too eh?

M said...

Come on you guys. I am going to turn 37. We Virgos don't worry about stuff like age, and wrinkles, and roly poly bits, and omg when did I get crows feet. Aaaarghh. I am officially an idiot. LOL

Whatever you get for your birthday I am sure you will love, because it would have been purchased / made with love.

Have a great day CM. Lets kick butt from the day we have our birthdays and watch out because next year we will be SEXY and SLIM dammit.... :)

Slim Suzy said...

How nice that DH wants to buy you something you will really like. You are only a spring chicken compared to me at 49! (I only feel 29 though, thank goodness).

Lee-Anne said...

You're gonna be HOW OLD!!!! Cripes the best years are still way ahead of you girl. You are so lucky to have man that wants to surprise you, let alone remembers your birthday. Don't be surprised if your bro-in-law actually does notice that you're shrinking. Strange things have been known to happen, lol. Cheer up, hope things are going better for you.

Paulene's Journal Journey said...

Thanks for joining my WHO challenge.....and GOOD LUCK!!

Cheers P

Missy said...

Thirty five was quite a turning point for me. A lot of soul searching and a tad bit of fear as I broke into the "older years." But relish in the fact your hubby is thoughtful enough to try to get you something even if he has to ask in the eventual.

By the way, did you notice that your nibbles coincided with your frustration tonight? I'm really proud of you for hammering out a long entry instead of chowing down something that would have thrown you off track - excellent diversion! Keep it up!