Friday, 9 September 2005

It's my birthday

Hey everyone.

I woke up this morning and hubby gave me a big hug and went to have a shower then came back in and said "happy birthday my sweet" then got something from the side of the bed. It was a lovely package all done up pretty. I opened it and it was a bottle of perfume called Provocative Woman. I loved it. I haven't had perfume in such a long time and it was nice.

I got in the shower and he went downstairs and then the next minute he was there turning off the shower and passing me the phone. My friend from Auckland phoned to say happy birthday and that was fantastic. Then that was it I started crying.... and crying and felt really emotional... it was because I miss my Dad so much and wished he was here. I miss him so much and on my birthday I miss him the most. It has been 5 years but it still hurts.

Anyway so after getting dressed I went downstairs and I thought that my boys would have made me a card. Last weekend they made a card for hubby and brought it up to him at 7am but I hadn't had my card. So I went down and had breakfast and waited and waited and then I said to Corbin "so where is my card" he was watching cartoons and turned and said "I didn't make one". I just sat there and thought OMG do they love me less?

I know that they are only 6 and 4 and they don't understand but I just felt so upset and sat there just thinking why... and then the tears came again... I felt like such a cry baby and I shouldn't have I know.... I know... and I also know they are only young and don't understand. Then Quinn said "what is wrong mummy?" and I just couldn't answer and I swear my family thought I was nuts. So I went to get things ready for work and they sat there and made me a card. I didn't care about presents... you know? All I wanted was a card from my boys to say that they loved me... that is all I wanted today.

Anyway I took Corbin to school and then went to work and in the communication book they had written Happy Birthday and then all the staff were saying Happy Birthday all day.

I got a lovely text from Kris to say happy birthday.

Tania phoned me this morning and said "I have a friend that wants a good childcare and I told her to go to yours. She said she doesn't know how to get there. I said that we have a waiting list of 3 to 6 months and maybe she should come in and check out the place. So after describing how to get there she hung up and said "see ya soon". I thought hmmmm that was a strange ending. and 2 seconds later she turned up at the front door with a present for me, and a homemade card. OMG I was so stoked that she thought of me. She didn't have to do that at all and I didn't expect it.

Then about 11am I had the children from the creche creeping up to my desk and then they all looked and me and smiled and then they brought out a cake they had made with candles and sang Happy Birthday to me and the cake was made out of playdough (green) he he he he. It was the greatest thing and the kids were so excited about it too. They cared to do this and it was fantastic.

BLONDE saw me this morning while she was dropping off her son and she didn't say anything and then later she phoned and said Happy Birthday.. so that was nice.

At about 4pm hubby phoned and he was strange on the phone and I said..."are you ok? is there something you wanted to ask" he said "have you recieved anything?" I said "no" he was so angry. He said that he had ordered flowers for me on Wednesday afternoon to be delivered today for my birthday and I hadn't received them at 4pm.. OMG what a slack customer service they have. So he phoned and complained and they said once it is in the couriers van they don't have much of a choice. OMG 4pm.. that is ridiculous. So I finally go them at 4.30 FINALLY. So here they are:

Corbin had his first Disco to go to tonight and he got in his fancy clothes he he he and went and had a ball of a time and danced the night away he he he.

Hubby is taking me out to the movies tonight so that should be good.

I had a wonderful birthday and a fun day...



Jaxx said...


Sounds like you your day turned out ok in the end.

Have a great weekend,, and thank you so much for being there and supporting me. Once things have got sorted, I am hoping to meet you one Friday night when I drop the munchkins off in Hamilton.

Take care and once again have a wonderful birthday - well the rest of the day anyway. :)

Cheers Jaxx

Karen said...

Happy Birthday hun!!!! I have been meaning to txt you or email you all day and I just kept running out of time! Sounds like you had a wonderful day!
Enjoy your weekend and hope to catch up soon.
Take care

Jodie said...

Happy birthday!!! Hope you had a fantastic day!! XX

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, enjoy your movie.

Me said...

Glad to hear that you enjoyed your day - hope you enjoyed the movie too !
Have a great weekend and take care.

M said...

What beautiful beautiful flowers. It is always annoying when the delivery is late because your poor DH would have been waiting for your phone call and in the end he had to spoil the surprise. But that's OK because they are stunning. You lucky girl :)

Your boys sound like typical boys. I didn't get a card either. The men in our life don't think that way. But we love them anyway and you know what - they love you too :) Have a great weekend

fitcat said...

Will come back later and say more but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Much love!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!! Sounds as if you were spoilt!

Have a great weekend.


Queen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I swear it's still your birthdy here!! Your family/friends/co-workers love you and so do the rest of us all around the world! :) Blessings for another year!!

jak said...

Happy Birthday!! :) Sounds like a fabulous birthday in the end - and those flowers are gorgeous. Hope you're having a great weekend! :)

Missy said...

Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you...
Be glad you're just reading
And not hearing me singing
Happy birthday toooo yoooooou!

What a wonderful day full of surprises, tender love and the acknowledgement of how special you are to those you touch in your life. Cherish it. Enjoy it and let it carry you on to your next special day. You deserve it!

Happy birthday!

Luv, Missy

Leighanne said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day - It was my mums birthday too!

Emily said...

Glad you had a great day :-) I love the playdough-cake!

Helena said...

Hope you had a fantastic day on Friday and its flowed into your weekend as well! :)

Slim Suzy said...

Glad you had a great Birthday. How lovely perfume, flowers etc etc. Very spoilt and you deserve it.

Kate said...

Gosh I'm a bit slow with the comments, but happy birthday!!