Monday, 26 September 2005

Monday..... sooo tired

I woke up this morning and didn't know what I wanted to do... I knew I didn't want to just sit at home with the kids on school holidays. But not having too much money to play with I didn't know what to do. I got to sort of sleep in till 7.30am this morning he he he and then had a phone call at 8am from Kris making sure I was still coming to class. We organised to get together with our kids and do something.

So firstly I left my little ones home with my mum while we went to the Combat class... ARGGGHHHHHHH do I ever feel sore now. I didn't until 4.30 feel that much pain but now in my arms and shoulders it is like something heavy is on them he he he. We worked much harder in the class today because most of the mums weren't there as it was school holidays so Steve worked us even harder and Kris and I had so much fun it was great.

Got home and my lovely mother had made me a roast beef salad and it was devine and not that many points (only the meat and cheese) but it was soooo filling and so wonderful as I was only going to make a sandwich as we were taking the kids out.

Kris arrived around 12.30 to pick us up and we went in to the shopping mall to catch the kids show showing Bart Simpson "This is your life" it was good but I found that the ones getting the prises were the older kids. I must have sounded like a over loving mother or something as Corbin was dancing along with everyone and having a ball. I was so proud of him not worrying what others thought and going for it..... I was so wishing that Kris's kids or mine would get something but they didn't. Then Quinn was doing a little jig with his little backside.... it was soooo cute (ok enough of being a mum he he he).

After that was done we went up to Farmers to have a look around and then down to the library where we found some really good books. Kris found the book that I was going to buy last week but didn't want to pay $30 for it.... so I will borrow it from the library after her. But I did manage to get the Body for Life book and starting reading it. It is very informational. I so can't wait till Kris reads the other book. I thought I might go back and read Susan Powters book too as she just cracks me up.

I have been thinking a lot about losing weight lately. Mainly that I wonder if it is because of my size that people don't spend that much time with me. I have friends don't get me wrong but I miss going out with friends and doing the grown up friend thing and maybe it is because they don't want to be seen in public with me???? Yeah I know it might not be the case but I do think that way.

I have to sort out this weight thing!! I just have to. I want to lose more before going to Melbourne at the start of November too.

In answer to a question asked.."Did your brother in law notice" well he didn't say anything but I think he did. When we went to get him (at 2am in the morning) from the airport he gave me a big hug and said "you are look really well" sometimes I think it is hard for guys to talk about weight in front of woman... and maybe he did notice and didn't want me to think that he ever thought I was too big or something. I know that my hubby doesn't notice when people I notice have lost weight... it isn't really a big thing for some of the guys I know.

So maybe he did notice and doesn't want to really make a big deal about it or maybe what he said about me looking really well meant wow you have lost some weight. I don't know it was a little bit of a let down as I needed for someone that hasn't seen me for a while to notice but then again it was kind of a silly thing for me to get excited about because some people don't notice things EVER and that isn't because they are terrible hmmmmm I hope that all made sense.

I am exhausted today that is for sure and I just can't wait for my hubby to come home. My youngest has been playing his cd player since we came home (and he is only 4) and it is really loud but I don't have the heart to tell him to turn it down (he is in his bedroom) but it is great that he is taking an interest in music and at least this way he isn't annoying his brother or me he he he he.... but the play school song is soooo getting on my nerves and the What is your name song as well he he he he he.

I didn't manage to get the photos updated last night of my change since starting weight watchers and tonight might be a bit of a mission to do it as well as we have visitors. Tomorrow night is my weigh in and I don't think I will get to the 20 kilos only because I got my monthly and I am always weighing in heavier ho hum..... sometimes that curse is just a curse he he he.

Going now to have dinner

P.S does anyone know what happened with Jaxx's blog? How is she?


Kris said...

I am hurting so bad lol. It was a great class and a good day out for all of us. Thanks for inviting us. You will be fine tomorrow for weigh in just have a little faith. Good Luck.

Felicity said...

great blog today girl u rock. I was thinking it was jsut me with Jaxx's blog so must be something major

Karen said...

Like Kris has said - just have a little faith for weigh in and I am sure will all be fine hun!
One of my brothers is like your brother in law - never comments directly to me but will say things to Mum out of the blue about how good I am doing etc... and then Mum passes them on to me. I am sure your Brother in law meant "Wow you are looking good!!!!" :)

Jaxx said...

Hey CM blog is still there just got rid of the homepage :):)

M said...

You guys just rock with your combat and pump classes. Me - I think I am being brave if I jog for 45 seconds. LOL. Remind me never to visit and go to the gym with you - you would kill me :)

I think you hit the nail on the head with your comments about blokes (but could be applied to girls too) that don't want to make a big fuss about another persons weight loss. I do believe that in general it is because they are afraid by making a fuss they will be inferring that you didn't look great before. People are funny like that.

I think that whilst it is nice to get compliments, and a bit of flattery never goes astray, what is important is that you know that you have lost 19.5 kgs and that you are so much healthier than you were before. You are fitter. And much more active. You should be very proud of your achievements so far CM and know that the comments from yourself and from your DH and kids are the most important and others are just a bonus.

I hope you have a great day and another fantastic week :)

Queen said...

It's true, a little flattery goes a long way, but I agree w/you, men are kinda that way -- it's a two edged sword for them sometimes. Like there IS no right answer to: do these pants make me look fat?

Or something like that!

Good job on the work-out. I hope to be able to do something like that someday... if I can find a class around here. I'm just so busy, I can't seem to fit much more into my schedule.

AND to clear things up for you -- MOM and I bought a house together, we've been living here all summer, but are selling HER house. She's lived there w/my Dad for 38 years and they accumulated tons of stuff. My bro lives about 300 miles away in a one bedroom and so we had to bring all HIS stuff from Mom's house here too. Just a boat-load of stuff, but we've got about 2 more loads and I'm not lifting another box for 3 days!

Anne said...

I'm sure your brother in law did notice!! My husband has said to me he would never comment on a womans weight - his reasons?
1) In case by saying they were looking good - it sounds as you're suggesting they didn't before!
2) In case they are not trying to lose weight - but are really ill

We met up with a friend on Friday who hasn't seen me since about 24 kilos ago and he didn't say a word - but the main thing is they can help but notice and the most important thing is that - hey we have done it!