Monday, 5 September 2005


Hi.... I am chubbymum and I am an overeater he he he he

I am sorry guys for not posting in the last couple of days.

You wouldn't believe how much I have missed it and how grumpy I have been I haven’t been able to use my laptop since Saturday as my battery charger just wouldn’t work and I had to wait till today to be able to buy one $125 later argghhhhhhh and so that jus made me go insane without my laptop that is for sure.

Hey I went to the gym today for my 8 week meeting with my trainer and we did my measurements etc…. and it is the following. Woohoooo in 8 weeks.

Ok so I should recap on the weekend.


What a fantastic day at the zoo we had... I did so much walking and the kids were really interested in the animals and the things we were doing. Was pretty bad with the food and I have been pretty bad all week. I have craved chocolate and have just had it. I knew I shouldn't! I knew that when I opened the cupboard and took it out that I shouldn't have had it... I knew it was wrong! I know I shouldn't have but I did. I am not too sure what my problem was... maybe because I haven't had any chocolate for 9 months and I just did it.

So I brought a tracker book from weight watchers tonight and I am going to start back on track tomorrow. I have been slack and I know I have and I suppose I haven't really wanted to think about it. I went to weigh in tonight and I gained 400 grams but I wasn't upset about it because I knew I wasn't a good week.

Why do I do this to myself? I don't quite understand it? I know that I am doing the wrong thing but I do it anyway. I am not going to undo this I am not going to get in a rut again.

My trainers face today was so proud that I want to see that again and I want to feel good...

I am going to do this.. so I am back and I am going to sort myself out. I do also think that since I haven't been online on my diary that it is affecting my committment and making me less worried about it as if no one knows then no one can kick my butt... so getting my battery charger is the best thing that I could have spent money on this week as I don't want to get back to the old chubbymum.

Thanks for listening

Love ya all


Me said...

Hi CM - consider this your official butt kick !!!!!
Glad to hear that you have bought a tracker - it REALLY does make a difference when you know you have to write it down - but, you have to be honest when you write it down !!!
Glad you are back on line - missed you while you were away !
Take care and here's to a great week !

Felicity said...

CM absolutely awesome measurments girl proud to know u and gobsmacked at the results you persistance at gym has been GO GIRLGreat getting back on track too.

Karen said...

Great work on those cm's falling off you hun! You are fading away.... :) Well done for facing the music and going to WW - you will get rid of that 400gms in no time at all!
So pleased to have you back online - I was missing ya! :)
Have a good week and take care

Jaxx said...

whoohoo girl look at those cm's dissapearing....

Glad to see you back :)

Cheers Jaxx

Anne said...

What great progress you are making with your measurements!! Big pat on the back - and great to see you onlinea again! You will soon lose your little gain!

Kate said...

Fantastic measurements there shrinkingmum - well done!!

kathrynoh said...

I've been without the internet or a computer a few times this year and it really does make you realise how addicted you get :)

Good to hear you are getting back on track - and if that is your first chocolate binge in 9 months then it's good going... I think it isn't the binges that hurt so much, it's the bouncing (or not bouncing) back from them. Well so long as the binges are a rare thing and not every week :)

Slim Suzy said...

Glad you are back on track.

jak said...

Well done! Awesome losses in the measurements, too! Bloody brilliant effort, I say. :)

Janene said...

WOW CM, the difference in your measurements is HUGE! Awesome work!

Queen said...

Good for you to do what you KNOW you should to make better choices for yourself. No one is going to do it but you, I think the TRACKER was a good choice. Keep it up!

fitcat said...

Wowzah, that is amazing CM!! No wonder your trainer was proud - you better be too. :D

Emily said...

Good girl - track track track and post post post! Great measurements, keep it up, and stop that bad eating (another butt kicking!).