Monday, 12 September 2005

Feeling Proud

Went to the gym this morning and did my combat class and pushed myself even more. Especially with the butt crunchers (doing it doggy style). Three weeks ago when I started I couldn't do it for the whole thing. But this time I did 80% of it so I am getting better but it is so hard on the thighs.

I felt really great afterwards and Kris and I went downstairs by the spa pool and sat in the lounge chairs and talked as we both couldn't be bothered getting into our togs but wanted to talk so it was nice to talk for a half an hour.

I felt weird for the rest of the day. I am not too sure if it is because I am still not over this cold or not. I still have this chesty cough and it is not going away and I am still on antibiotics. I just felt really tired and lethargic.

Went and saw Tania too and she makes me tired looking at her. She isn't that much of a difference in weight than me but she does so much... around the house I mean like she is stripping down a dressor and re-painting it for her daughters room and on top of that she is doing a cross stitch cushion for the lounge that is really quite trendy.

Dinner was fantastic tonight. We actually sat at the table and had the candles that Tanya brought me for my birthday going and sat there talking and had lovely music on. It felt good and I just wanted to look at my little ones and marvel at how much they have grown and how good they are.

We then went outside and played swing ball with them... Quinn (3 nearly 4) was laughing so much that his giggle was positive naughty he he he and I sat on the grown up seat swing and watched then hubby and I played and then me and Corbin... it was dark outside and we had the light on but it was nice not sitting in front of the tv and doing the blob thing. Then all of us went on the trampoline and laid there looking up at the stars while hubby explained about the man on the moon and Venus the brightest star and other things and the boys were really interested.

It was like watching a movie where there was a fantastic happy family and I enjoyed every moment of it. Sometimes you don't realise that you should appreciate what you have got before you don't have it anymore and you can't appreciate it.

Anyway it is my weigh in tomorrow and honestly I have tracked and kept within my points or had left over points because of all the exercise I have been doing but I don't feel like I have lost anything... more like feel like I have gained. I know that when I started the gym for the first time I didn't loose right for a couple of weeks so since I had a break with being sick and started back this past week properly then I don't expect to loose. I know I want to get to that 20 kilos and keep getting it off because it is worth it.

Anyway love ya all


Karen said...

Wow what a lovely evening you had with the boys and your darling hubby tonight! And sending ya positive vibes for weigh in tomorrow.

Me said...

What a lovely evening you had !! Good for you. Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow - hang in there and have a great week !

M said...

Sounds devine. It is great when you get out of the house - even if it is in your own backyard! You have a lovely family :)

Kate said...

Sounds like a lovely family moment! Good luck for your weigh in :-)

Slim Suzy said...

Great that you had so much fun together. Well done on the gym class.