Thursday, 1 September 2005

Blah Blah Blah

Not too sure how I feel today.

Went to work and I think I was bored but not sure. I miss the communication I had at my last job and miss my morning tea buddies. I feel like we are going through the motions in my new job like hmmmm we have morning tea at the same time so lets talk but that is all. I miss my friends. Yes I know that is scary and I have to just stick to it but I feel lonely.

Anyway got home and didn't have to pick up Corbin as he was going to a friends after school. So I went for a 40 minute walk with Quinn (he was on his bike). I felt good afterward and kept thinking while walking that if I had the 18 kilos on that I had at the start this would have been harder. I haven't gone out for a walk for months and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. The weather was georgeous and it wasn't hot.... wohooooooo.

I should have put on 18 kilos in a back pack and seen what it was like when I was heavier.

I still sit here thinking it doesn't feel like I have lost anything at all. If I had really loose clothes then it would make me feel like there was a change but they aren't that loose... well I haven't noticed as my clothes are always loose.

I am still going to keep going on this weight loss but I just feel today that OMG there is so much to go! 60 kilos to go! I had 78 kilos to loose but I suppose only 60 sounds great too. I know I didn't put this on in one week and I can't take it off in one week but it just feels so daunting.

Anyway I have a lot more to say but kids are jumping on me and I have to go and dish up dinner.



Helena said...

i hear you when the amount you need to lose sounds so daunting ... but CM it is achieveable you just have to want it and it will happen for you. Small steps amount to long strides eventually ... I mean look where you are now! You HAD 78 ... nearly 80! and now its only 60 ... thats big ... so you hang in there ok? :)

Karen said...

Ditto to what Helena has already said! Keep up the good work CM! You are doing so well and you do rock!!!

Jaxx said...

Have to agree with Helena, but also understand what you are saying. I certainly don't feel like I have lost 20 Kilos.... You are doing fantastic mate. Have a good weekend Jaxx

Slim Suzy said...

You have come so far already and you have done such a good job. Keep up the good work. Well done for going on that long walk.

fitcat said...

I'm sitting here saying OMG eighteen kilos, you are -such- an inspiration! You are setting such a good example for the boys and I think you're doing fantastically. :)

Me said...

Well done on going for your walk. I think you have done a great job - 18kgs gone already - that is fantastic. Maybe carry 18kgs around in a back pack for a while and then you will see what you have accomplished once you take it off again !
Take care, chin up and have a great day !

Kate said...

I agree with Fitcat - 18 kgs gone is amazing! You rock! i hope you are feeling better today!

Jodie said...

I don't even know my WW goal weight. I assume it's the same as you - 66kg's. I have a personal goal weight of 85kg's firstly and then once I reach that I will re-evaluate the situation. Maybe this will work for you. If I looked at the big picture then I would have had 67kg's to lose. With my personal goal I have 48kg's. Still daunting but not as daunting at 67kg's!!! Maybe if you set your personal goal to 100kg's and then take it from there. Hey it's gotta be better than nothing right!! Take care and have a great weekend. XX

Jodie said...

Sorry I did just see your personal goal weight set already at 75. Maybe look at changing this to 100 or at least 99.9 (double digits) and then changing it again once you reach it. Take care. XX

A Girl Running said...

18 kilos is incredible.

I think it takes ages to actually feel like you have lost any weight

Missy said...


Try looking at the percentages. Your goal is to lose 78.7kgs (I actually had to look that up seeing that we never did learn metrics), right? And you've lost 18.7 already, correct? That means you've lost 23.76% -- rounded up, that's 24% and that is fantastic! Remember, slower is better because you'll be far less likely to put it back on and that's the most important thing, right?

Keep your chin up! And I love that idea of walking with the former 18kilos on your back! Try it sometime, that may give you the encouragement that you're doing "splendorific"!