Tuesday, 30 August 2005

Weigh in tonight

OMG I gained!!! 700 grams and I have been sick and really haven't eaten much. I went back to the gym on Monday and I reakon it was that... it takes 2 to 3 weeks to start getting back into the loosing after starting the gym again.

I shouldn't complain too much after loosing the 3.3 kilos last week but I hadn't been well this week either and hardly ate and drank lots of water so I didn't think I would gain NOT at all.

That is ok. only 2 kilos to go till I am 20 kilos down and that isn't bad at all. 20 kilos down is what I am aiming for! Back to work tomorrow and back to tracking and getting this weight down.

I am not going to give up on this journey I AM NOT! I have had a minor set back and I am going to keep going. I want to get under that 100 kilo's and I have 35 more to go and if I can loose 18 kilos then I can loose the rest. Even though it is going to take a while I am going to do this. I just hate the yoyoing and I don't want to keep it going like that.

Have to keep up with the walking. I haven't been walking in such a long time and I have to get off my butt and get some walking done.

I have been talking to Kris and we are going to the Weight Watchers holiday thingy next November we are going to aim to loose as much as we can and get there.

If I loose 500 grams a week till then then I will be down to 103 kilos by the start of November. It is going to be great being that weight. I know it is still overweight but what an achievement by then.

I have worked out that if I loose an average of 500 grams a week then I will get to MY goal of 75 by December 2007. If I loose more then it will be before that. But I reckon 500 grams a week is doable and logical and I am going to stick to it.

The only thing I have to think about now is what my next mini goal is because I have no idea what I want or what I can aim for. I know that I want to get to my 20 kilos (only 2 kilos to go) but there is nothing that I want when I achieve that. I need to sit down and think what I want to achieve by Christmas. I know that when I started in January this year that I wanted to loose 20 kilos by the end of the year. I hope that I will loose more now that I am so close to the 20 kilos.

Anyway had a depressing night with not loosing anything that I am logging off now and going to go to bed.

Nighty night


Felicity said...

Must have been posting my blog as you were dropping me a line. Sorry for your gain BUGGER but as you have said you can't let it get to you. hugs.

M said...

Have just done a HUGE catch up on all your posts I have missed.

1) You are a very clever Mummy to make such a great birthday cake and costumes and stuff for the birthday party. I love the foam that you got and will be looking into that for my next party.

2) I hope that you are feeling better now. That silly fluey lurgy has been making the rounds and is no good at all. Make sure you are still taking good care of yourself.

3) The pants look really cool. I like striped denim. How cool are compliments !!

4) OK. The gain. What a bugger when you have been feeling unwell. But this could be that whole body holding onto the last few meals because it feels it had been starved. If you continue with your excellent gym work, pick up the walking, stay good with your food, your body will realise it doesn't need to hold on and it will come off again.

5) How exciting to go to the WW holiday. I looked at that for this year but left my run too late with saving up. Maybe next year will have to be it.

I hope you understood all my rambling. Thank you for your kind and lovely thoughts. Have a great day tomorrow :)

Me said...

Sorry to hear about the gain but it may be because you haven't been eating much. What happens is when you don't eat / skip meals, and then you do eat (no matter what it is) - your body holds onto the food because it has been in starvation mode and doesn't know when the next meal is coming. Because you put it on so quickly - it should be easier to lose than weight which just keeps creeping on over a long period of time. Keep at it - stay focussed and continue making the right choices and you reap the rewards.
Take care, be good and look after yourself. Don't try to start exercising until you have fully recovered - that is a sure way to have a relapse.
Lotsa hugs and chin up !

Sandra said...

Agree with Linda's comments. My leader at Slimming World always says you ahve to eat a certain amount to ensure your metabolism keeps going. If you don't eat enough, everything slows down.

So don't worry about the gain. You have made fabulous progress in all! I'm sure you'll make up for it next week.

Queen said...

Hang in there -- don't worry about the gain. You know what you need to do to get it [and more] off. Just keep your head down, and get out there and walk! Boost that metabolisim. ;) When you're full-on healthy again!!

Emily said...

Don't worry about that wee gain, as you said it is only to be expected after your huge loss last week, and also as your metabolism probably slowed down if you weren't eating enough.

20kg is still so close - heaps closer than 6 months ago!! Keep it up, you're doing great :-)

Slim Suzy said...

Don't worry about the gain. Your body does strange things when you aren't well. All will be OK next week.

Anne said...

Like the rest I'm going to say don't worry about the gain! You are doing fantastically well! The holiday sounds heaven!

Jodie said...

Gains happen - it's all part of the journey. Your attitude is great though and you did have a huge loss the week before. Everyone I know that has substantial losses like that all gain the next week. Somehow our bodies say woooo there hold up a second while I adjust. Well done!! How about aiming for the 20% loss. That could be your next mini goal. You have already achieved the 10% so move on!! Good luck and take care. XX

Helena said...

Phooey honey! what a bummer about the gain :( darnnnnnnnnnnnnn ... once you are fully recovered and back to your basics, that 2kg will fall off and then you'll be well and truely over that 20kg hump and shooting off down the other side! :)

Jaxx said...

Well what more can I say - the others have said it all. Hang in there mate it will happen :)

Cheers Jaxx

Natural Jules said...

Bugger, just typed out a great comment all about fluid retention/post sickness having less fluid your body retains fluid as it has been in the saving for crisis mode. Then I tried to post it and it disappeared so have to retype it.

rose said...

Well done on your weight loss so far and not letting this little bump in the road get to you. My WW leader was talking about this very thing this morning. She asked us what our reaction was when we gained and that it could very well determine whether we would get to goal or not. You did exactly what your supposed to do, not dwell on it and move on. All the best for next week.
Ciao rose

Lee-Anne said...

I gained too, but I'm really looking forward to kicking that in the butt next week. Time to get physical, lol. What beautiful weather we are having to get motivated by too. Exciting days ahead Foxy Mum.