Wednesday, 17 August 2005

Pay Rise

My day started with me feeling like hmmmm a nasty word I don't want to write he he he. But my throat is still really scratchy.

I was better with my food today. I hade sunflower seed toast for breakfast, pretzels and spaghetti bolagnaise and a mandarin. (so far).

My boss told me to go home twice but it didn't feel right to go home when I have only been at the job for three weeks.

Booked our tickets for Melbourne last night. I have been putting it off for so long because I couldn't work out how to get my oldest son to school while we were away. Hubby said that I have to hurry up and book the tickets. I just don't like not knowing how the kids will get to creche and school... he says we have to November it will all work out.... well it doesn't always work out.

So I booked the tickets last night and today I spoke to my new boss and she said that if BLONDE brings in the boys to creche then she will take the oldest to school but I will have to get someone to pick our oldest son from school... so I told BLONDE this when we were talking and she said if we can't get anyone don't fear she will do it and organise it with her boss. Wow!!! that is probably the nicest thing she has ever done for me. I wasn't thinking that she would be the one to pick him up I was just telling her what was going on with me at the moment... so I am feeling a lot more relaxed about it all now.

Took oldest to soccer practice today and my cellphone went off. I don't usually have that many phone calls on it as I don't usually have money to phone others on it but...... my hubby was on the other end saying "I got called into the boss's office today and he has given me a payrise Woohoo" then he said "so how much of a percentage do you think I got hun?" I said "Oh 2-3% he said no... I said 1% he said no... then he said 9.6%" I just screamed I didn't think that would be the amount OMG OMG it feels fantastic as now we can pay off some bills and get back on track and this holiday might not be a strict one after all. Plus it gets back dated a 2 months as well woohoooooo.

So my day turned out ok.

Going to have an early night I think... want to shake this nasty flu.

Good night everyone
P.S please forgive me if I haven't read your diary tonight or commented... I will be back on track in the next couple of days.



Karen said...

Yay for holidays in Melbourne!!! I LOVE Melbourne!!!
Yay for nice pay rises too - hmmm bills paid and spending money!
Sorry to hear you are still not right - hope you are feeling better REAL SOON hun!!! Take care and look after yourself!

Janine said...

Fantastic news about hubby's payrise. and ditoo to Karen's comments about still not feeling right. We need you better soon.

Cat Furniture said...

Hey, I have been out blog surfing and found this one... Yes, I found your blog while wondering aimlessly around the internet... Just thought I would let you know.

Kate said...

Yay for payrises!! Your turn next? :-) Hehe. Hope you feel better soon!

Me said...

YAY for payrises !!! Wooohooooo for holidays in Australia - although you do know that the Gold Coast is much nicer than Melbourne don't you ???? !!!!!!!!!!! Hee hee hee - am sure you will have a ball wherever you are on holiday !
Take care and hope you feel better soon !

Queen said...

I hope you begin to feel better soon! Congrats to your DH on the RAISE!! Good for you! I also like the new 'look' of your blog -- excellent ;)

kyotokat said...

Hey there! Nothing boring about your blog! I wonder who this terror BLONDE is. Can you give us a brief. I hope she's just you'r son's friend's Mum and not related:)

Felicity said...

great to hear things r going well for u isn't it funny how pay rises can instantly cheer us up. Hubby got one couple ofweeks ago when he got made permanent and i got one with yearly contract update so when mine comes thru this week we will be better off than we have ever been...well will be when all the bill r caught up heheheh Now a lotto win would make your holiday go very nicely. Have a good day today CM

Emily said...

Great payrise, thats fantastic!! You will have a fab holiday, and its great that Blonde is being so helpful.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Jodie said...

Gotta love pay rises - they really take a load off the struggles.

I love Melbourne. My husbands brother lived there for a couple of years so went visiting a few times. We also have other friends still living there and really need to make the effort to get back to see them again.

Hope you are feeling better soon. XX

Anne said...

Isn't it great to have something like a holiday in Melbourne to look forward to! Especially with the added bonus of a pay rise! Hope you are soon feeling better. Take care!

Lee-Anne said...

Poor you. Hope you're feeling better soon. Can't stand being sick myself. What a waste of time.

But a payrise AND a holiday, thinks are looking up.

M said...

Whoooo Hoooo on the pay rise. That should make things just a little easier. Would love to get that phone call myself :)

(just catching up on your latest entries - be right back)