Monday, 8 August 2005

Challenged Enough?

Well it as finally happened!!! Yep yep I have my husbands cold. I am not feeling the best. I didn't show it at work today that is for sure.

I had my boss come out and say "are you happy? are you sure this job is going to be challenging enough for you?" OMG I didn't know what to say.

I said "I have only been here two weeks.. and I am finding it good and I love the people here too. Plus I am only there part time."

I then said "why?? do I look like I am not happy??" she said "no just that I don't want you leaving on us" I just laughed and said "OMG I have been two weeks I AM NOT LEAVING HE HE HE"

In the two weeks since being there I have already changed the way they do some things he he he he because I think they are afraid of computers and I like having everything on the computer and I am a little anal about consistancy he he he so maybe she thinks I will get bored and move on..... seeeee she doesn't realise it yet but I want to be a part of the new creche she is thinking about starting and if she thinks I am fantastic now... wait till she sees me in action... plus I want to be a partner one day.... (big cheezy grin on my face) and if I show I am competent then maybe she might want me to be a partner (I heard she is looking). She did that to the other lady that owns the business with her and I want to be a business owner one day! I REALLY DO!!
Food wise today I can't say has been good. I caved in and had a chocolate muffin today. This week..hmmm I don't know if the 10% will be made this week coming! I am still going to the gym but the food hasn't been that wonderful.

I forgot to mention last night I got my 2000m on the rower down to 10.58 wooohooooo I was sooooo happy!!!! Wohooooooo

Yayyyy it is Friday night and hopefully once the boys are sorted then I can get to bed early? (cross fingers)

Good night everyone


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