Wednesday, 10 August 2005

Got my 10% Woohooo

Got my 10%
Got my 10%


I can't believe it but I have finally got my 10% yes it has taken me forever but I got there tonight. I felt so great to get my 15 kilo star and then also the 10% key charm


Ok so I am doing a little jig..

Going to go now and read some journals.



Chubbymum said...

Lyn [12:14:41 AM]
Great going!! Congrats chickey

Emily [5:57:14 PM]
Congrat's CM, thats so cool! We can celebrate together

Felicity [5:42:13 AM]
Way to go u r doing great.

Helena [3:25:19 AM]
*heart bursting with pride* well done chick, you deserve every 100gms of success!

Janene [11:49:17 PM]
Woohoo!!! Congrats on reaching your 10%, and 15kg - that is just fan-friggen-tastic!!

fitcat [9:00:35 PM]
Well done!! That's so ace!! You have worked hard and deserve this so much! All your work is paying off, congratulations.

Kate [9:00:05 PM]
Well done!!! That's fantastic!

Anne [5:38:01 PM]
Great stuff CM - you are on a roll now!!! Keep up the fantastic work!!!

Missy [2:35:31 PM]
Congratulations! What a wonderful achievement.

Jaxx [1:43:16 PM]
Hey CM, when I said 20 kilo challenge race I was thinking of my official weightwatcher weight which is 15 kilos gone, so need 5 more to get my next star.

Dana [6:33:02 AM]

Margaret [6:25:32 AM]
Whooooo Hoooooooo. 15kgs gone. 10% gone. Well done - you have worked so hard. Now keep going

Linda [5:38:57 AM]
WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO - well done on the 15kgs and the 10% -what an achievement - you are entitled to do 10 jigs !! Take care and have a great day !

Janine [5:36:03 AM]
Fantastic News. Congratulations on both the 15 kgs and the 10%. Awesome work!

Karen [4:39:16 AM]
CONGRATS hun on such a wonderful achievment!!! I am so damn proud of you and am also doing a happy jig for you!!! I knew you would do it!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!

Jaxx [4:27:08 AM]
Congratulations Mate!!!!!!

Fiona said...

congrats on the 10% and 15kg thats awesome