Monday, 8 August 2005


My mother in law took the boys today from 11 till 2.30pm and woooooowww it was great. So I decided this morning that I would stay in bed till 12.30 Yayyyyy the last time I did that was like 7 years ago when my kids weren't even a thought he he.

When they got home this afternoon we played New Zealand monopoly and it was good but my mother decided to play and she is a stickler for rules and was driving me absolutly insane. She was picking on Corbin for doing something and then me and then she kept saying she wasn't getting the collect $200 when she passes go so hubby made a point of telling her that she got it and don't forget. I think by the end of it I had had enough... we brought the game last week so that my two boys would learn about money and counting and the whole time I kept telling my mum to stop telling them how much the dice added up to so that they can learn but no she kept doing it the whole time THE WHOLE BLOODY TIME. Ok can you tell it has pissed me off today? On top of that I have a cold so decided not to go to the gym this weekend and instead try really hard this week to get it off.

My mother in law is coming for dinner tonight to which should be interesting. She is good but it always seems quite strained like I have to watch what I eat or what I say... might update later.


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