Thursday, 4 August 2005

Ok so my day at work went really fast. I have to do all the WINZ payments now too... think after only one week they are thinking they should give me more responsiblity which in a way is good but wow that is a lot for only a part timer he he he. One of the Directors didn't come in today either and I was told by the other Director that she has never done that before... and that she must feel comfortable with me OMG what a big head I got after that.

I still feel a little depressed and missing my other job but I know money wise I have made the right decision.

I felt skinny today I wore another one of my new tops to work today and felt quite dressed up... it was a nice feeling.

I am going to a pot luck dinner that Weight Watchers is having at one of the ladies house tonight and I can't wait. I have made Lime Chilli chicken on skewers YUMMMMMY can't wait for it tonight. We all have to make a WW recipe.... OMG it is going to be weird to eat in front of these people tonight... especially the in front of the leaders.

Anyway thank you for all the comments I am feeling more and more confident that I can get to that 10% next week. I was looking at my tracker tickers and thinking OMG I have come a long way since I started when you couldn't even see the numbers because they were too close together and now there is a big gap from the 153.7 to the 139 he he he it is soooo nice to see it.
I want to prove Tania wrong and that I can loose 20 kilos in one year... she said don't set myself up for failure. I mean I just don't get it... I know that I shouldn't be unrealistic but I don't think 20 kilos is something out of my reach. I was saying to hubby yesterday that I want to get up to her and pass her... and that isn't being nasty it is just that I don't like being told that I shouldn't do something or to aim to high... as long as I don't give up then whatever I aim for shouldn't matter. I will do this!!! Tania has been going for a year and she has lost almost 30 kilos (with Weight Watchers) that I am going to beat her!!! I just have to have a goal and maybe this will do it for me. He he he.

Anyway enough rambling on he he


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