Sunday, 14 August 2005

First Post on Blogger

Hey everyone...

I finally did the change over. I needed a change! I have been working on it for a week now and I have finally managed to transfer all my posts as well because it was making me uncomfortable to come to blogger without having my posts. I want to be able to keep the comments with the posts that I do and Diaryland just didn't do that.... also diaryland keeps on breaking down and I am scared that I will loose everything.

I have had an ok day today.. My stepmother in law and father in law came over to see the boys for an hour this morning and I haven't seen my stepmother in law for a couple of months and we were sitting down all nice and I got up to see what the kids were doing and sat back down and she said... "OMG girl you are doing great how much have you lost?" I hadn't told her that I was loosing weight and honestly I know I am feeling good with the 15 kilos lost but I didn't think with how big I am that anyone else would notice just yet. It did make me feel so good when she said it. I didn't know what to say and just said "Thanks... still got a lot to go" and that was all I could think of.

Went to BLONDE's son's birthday party today!!! OMG that boy is the most spoilt brat you could think of... he gets away with anything. He got one of the balloons with the sticks and proceeded to swing it around trying to hit my son... and not just a small hit and he got all the plastic cups and plates and napkins off the table... and then BLONDE came in and said Oi in a nasty way (to my son) and I turned around and said "don't say that to him it was your son that did it and my son was just standing there protecting himself" she shut up after that.. OMG I was wild that she could assume it was my son without even seeing what was going on. Maybe if she kept an eye on her brat then he wouldn't do crap like that.

I was thinking in the car today that when I first started on this journey I kept looking at my ticker and thinking I wish there was a bigger gap between the starting number and the amount lost... and now it is starting to look that way and to look like I am achieving something it is fantastic. It just makes me feel on top of the world.

As I mentioned in my last post I have been really bad this week. I haven't tracked and I have just given myself a week off... it isn't a good idea I know, but I think I was going to explode if I didn't. So starting tomorrow I am back on track and going to the gym and do a class. I hope that Kris is going to be there to do a class with me tomorrow...

OMG last night we had Beef Stroganoff (Weight Watcher) and it was devine... but got a little carried away with the garlic bread hmmmmmmm soooooo yummmy.

So what do you think about my new site? Do you like the heading? I made one that meant something to me and things that I am looking forward to when I loose the weight. I want to go 4 wheel bike riding in Rotorua when I get to 100 kilos (or maybe a little earlier) so that is why that is there. I want to buy a Bicycle and go bike riding with all my family and thinking maybe I will do that just under a 100 kilos. Oh the jeans!!! I want to fit in some jeans that don't feel constricting or there is any fat hanging over them he he he he (which by the way I just got back into a pair of black jeans that I used to wear (size 26) which I couldn't zip up but now I can. Woohooooooooo. I just have a couple more kilos to lose to feel comfortable sitting in). The red dress is my dream dress for when I get to goal. I want to wear it to a fancy restaurant and wear fabulous high heels to show the ankles off too he he he. But there are so many more things that I want to do too but they are the main things I am aiming for.

Anyway on that note I am going to sign off now!

I hope that you all don't forget to change your links too PLEAASSEEEEE and point them to my new site....PWEESSEEE.



Janine said...

This looks FANTATSTIC!!! Ilove the new site, and I love the way that you can leave comments with the relevant post!!!

Karen said...

I LOVE the new look hun!!!! You are so damn clever!!! And I do love your "header" with the pictures and what they mean to you!

Have a good week!!!! :)

Emily said...

Yaaay, you've changed to Blogspot! Looks great, must have taken you AGES to copy all the posts and comments over!

Fantastic work, love all the meaningful pics.

Blondes son sounds like a little trouble-maker!

Felicity said...

Foxy mum you r doing great welcome to the blogs. Your goals r very similar to mine. Heels slinky dress ride a bike...not the 4 wheel off roder I'll leave that one to u. And yes I can see why your family would notice the difference it is very noticable. Keep up the great wrk.

fitcat said...

I LOVE the new look! It's definitely foxy! ;) Good on you for standing up to Blonde and don't feel bad for taking it easy this week, you've got to preserve your mental sanity as well. :D

Kate said...

Love the new look!! It's great - clever you :-)

Suburban Island said...

I like your new site. I moved Suburban Island over to Typepad. I am a big Typepad fan. It costs but you can do so much with it. I did not bring over my old posts although I'd like to do that at some point. I would suggest that you go add a short redirect entry on diaryland when you update at your new site so your pals can keep up with your adventures. Also you can add a redirect code on diaryland to forward everyone over to your new site. I have done both of these things and it seems to work pretty well.

M said...

Welcome to blogger CM. Whooo Hoooo. I love your set up. You really are a clever foxy lady. I will make sure to update my link and come back and read all the posts I have missed out on. Love the photo.

Have a wonderful day :)